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Cubixx HD hits PSN this month

PS Minis game levels up.

High-speed arcade puzzle game Cubixx HD launches on the PlayStation Network on 17th August, developer Laughing Jackal has announced.

It costs £6.29 in the UK. PlayStation Plus subscribers get a 20 per cent discount during its first week on sale.

Cubixx HD is from the developer behind the recently released chain reaction PlayStation Mini OMG-Z, and the original Cubixx, released as a Mini two years ago. It is the UK studio's first PS3 game.

It's a Qix-style game that sees you move around the faces of a cube to cut out areas - eventually all the faces - and release the energy trapped inside.

The art style rekindles memories of cult eighties film Tron.

Laughing Jackal is working on a PlayStation Minis conversion of the Fighting Fantasy series of Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks.

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Cubixx HD


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