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Crysis heading to 360?

Reportedly seen at CES.

Crysis is on its way to Xbox 360 - but in a radically different guise to the DirectX 10-fuelled graphics monster due out on Vista-based PCs.

That's according to reports just now filtering through from the Consumer Electronic Show, where contributors to 1UP's latest podcast claim they were able to "grill" the developers about what will be involved.

It initially sounds as though they're discussing Conan, but then matters switch to "Crysis on 360". They were told, they said, to expect a game in the same universe, and that Crytek would "not even try to replicate" the PC title or port it "in any way".

That would obviously reflect the fact that Xbox 360 runs on an inferior API to Windows Vista, making some of the lush effects witnessed in demos of the PC version largely impossible - or at least certainly impossible to achieve in the same manner.

Electronic Arts, which is set to publish Crysis on the PC later this year, was not immediately available for comment. Crytek itself though has previously said it was "confident" it could create something Crysis-related on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Speaking to our sister site GamesIndustry.biz in October, lead artist Michael Khaimzon said, "We have enough power here, with programmers and artists, to be able to do such a thing. It's just a matter of making the decision."

To hear the 1UP discussion, forward the latest podcast to around the 22-minute mark.

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