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Crysis 360 denied

Comments were 'speculative'.

Electronic Arts has once again denied reports that Crysis is in development for Xbox 360, despite claims in the US press that it was discussed in some detail at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

Several members of the 1UP podcast staff had recounted discussions at CES, where it was said that a Crysis 360 game would take place in the same universe but - due to the relative inferiority of the console's graphics API compared to the DirectX 10 basis of the PC version - would also need to take a different path in gameplay terms.

EA has since responded by explaining that any comments made about Crysis on another platform were "purely speculative", with Crytek only currently working on a PC version - due out later this year.

It's certainly not the first time a multi-platform approach has been mooted though, with the game's lead artist telling us last October that he was confident the game could port. "I'm pretty sure it would be interesting for us to do stuff on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360," Michael Khaimzon had said. "We would just have to see how much of a sacrifice to the game we'd have to make."

For more on Crysis, check out what we made of it at CES.

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