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4pm: Creative Assembly live interview

Quiz the Empire: Total War dev today.

Empire: Total War goes on sale tomorrow, 4th March, and for those of you who are still undecided, Creative Assembly's Kieran Brigden will be joining us for a live interview at 4pm GMT today to address your questions.

By now you probably know what's included in the box: massive campaigns, each as long as a regular RTS game; battle-map multiplayer and skirmish; naval battles; trade zones... As we put it last week in our 9/10 review, "Total War is scary big".

It's also scary good. "In some ways, it's the closest we've come to the enormous social novel from the period after that which Empire chronicles," Kieron Gillen wrote; "it's a Tolstoy-esque War and Peace of a game."

And if you want to ask Creative Assembly anything about it - like when that campaign multiplayer patch is coming out - just visit the homepage around 4pm GMT and click on what will be a very obvious pointer to the live interview.

As long as you have signed up for a free Eurogamer login, you will be able to contribute questions. Make 'em fierce.

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