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Create a villager in Fable III

If you pre-order.

Those who pre-order upcoming role-playing game Fable III can create their own villager who will then appear in the final game.

Using the Fable III Village Maker, players can create a villager that will give your in-game hero a new quest and 1,000 gold.

It'll also "continue to interact with you on your journey to become ruler of Albion".

The creation tool can generate a male or female villager with more than 2000 different variations, including an "enthralling backstory for the character, unique personality traits, clothing, accent, hairstyles and the region they hail from".

Fable III, due out in the UK on 29th October for the Xbox 360, will be available in a Standard Edition for £45 and a Limited Collector's Edition for £60.

The PC version is delayed and currently without a release date.

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Fable III

Xbox 360, PC

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