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Crackdown producer talks DLC

Will include boss-reset fix, new MP modes. Flying stuff?

Elsewhere on the site this morning is a very enjoyable Q&A with Crackdown producer Phil Wilson, who fields your questions about the game - and sheds a bit of light on what to expect from the forthcoming downloadable content.

He didn't want to - he starts off saying he won't be talking about it - but you cracked his resolve pretty quickly. Good work, readers! The first thing he notes is that "airborne antics [are] definitely not off the table going forward", now that one of the reasons for not including flying vehicles has proven a bit moot: the engine can clearly handle them.

We're also told to expect "some new competition" and "one co-operative... if you chose to play it that way" multiplayer modes. Wilson hints that one of the modes "came from looking at a co-op video posted online". "Longer term it would be good to offer multiplayer to more than two players," he adds.

Finally, there's something solid: "we will have a 'reset gangs' option in the free DLC in place of the current crimes on/off toggle," Wilson says, having apologised for the cock-up that made it impossible to go back and redo the bosses in the shipping game without deleting your gamertag, or indeed the game from the hard disk. "So while I'm spilling beans, there's also another great mode that I'm pretty sure is also kinda what you're asking for but a whole lot more - so I hope that goes some way towards compensation."

To read more about Crackdown's development, what they left out and what they wished they had done, check out the complete Crackdown Community interview - for which we owe the likes of reader Mark Patience a great debt of thanks in helping to set up.

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