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Crackdown co-op to be patched

Early problems solved for launch.

It's not even out yet, but Microsoft says Crackdown will receive a patch to help improve online play, which ought to be available from its first day on sale.

"This update will address some matchmaking and minor stuttering issues during certain cooperative play sessions via Xbox Live and System Link," the publisher said.

"The update will help ensure a more smooth and seamless cooperative gameplay experience for Crackdown fans everywhere."

That'll be nice, then, because much as we love Crackdown, we did experience a few hiccups getting the online co-op to work.

For example, half the time it completely didn't, with setup screens apparently indifferent to our attempts to get things up and running. Persistence paid off, but lag was also an occasional issue, responsible for my accidentally killing Kristan with limpet mines on several occasions.

The time I coaxed him up the side of a big building to a new supply point and then brutally kicked him into the river was lag-related too. As was the occasion when we were trying to perform car stunts and he was struck by a heat-seeking rocket just as he hit the ramp.

And a few times in mid-air. Also when he landed. And when he respawned.

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