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CPL-Europe UK Qualifier Coverage

Live coverage from London, UK

Index Pre-Event Build-Up 2 Introduction The Competitors 3 The Rules Seeding Groups Seeding Round 4 Commentary Results First Round 5 Commentary Results Second Round 6 Commentary Results Third Round 7 Timber vs Sky : Q3DM13 Hell vs Silent : Q3DM13 Luke vs Railor : ZTN3DM1 8 Rauper vs Requiem : Q3DM6 Rauper vs Phreaky : Q3DM6 Comatosed vs Hell : Q3DM6 Results Quarter Finals 9 Blokey vs Mozilla : Q3DM13 Timber vs Veno : Q3DM13 Luke vs Silent : Q3DM6 10 Silent vs Dekkard : Q3Tourney4 Rauper vs Dekkard : Q3Tourney4 Comatosed vs Gen : Q3DM13 Comatosed vs Ranger : Q3DM13 11 Results Semi Finals 12 Blokey vs Luke : Q3DM6 Luke vs Ranger : Q3DM6 13 Silent vs Requiem: Q3DM6 Results Finals 14 Luke vs Requiem : Q3Tourney4 Blokey vs Timber : Q3DM13 15 Timber vs Luke : ZTN3DM1 Results Grand Final 16 Timber vs Blokey : Q3Tourney4 Timber vs Blokey : Q3DM13 Wrap Up 17 Photo Gallery 18 Blokey interview Timber interview 19 Event Round-Up

Thanks as usual to event organisers The Playing Fields.

Blokey in action


The CPL makes its first move into Europe this summer with the debut CPL-Europe event - the "Scandinavian Open", taking place in Stockholm this August.

Once again the UK qualifier for the event is taking place in the heart of London at The Playing Fields, a mixture of bar and LAN gaming venue, with twenty computers powered by AMD Athlon 800 processors and brand new GeForce 2 GTS graphics cards ensuring excellent frame rates for the competitors.

The winner of the qualifier will get flown out to Stockholm to take part in the first Scandinavian Open, where $25,000 in cash prizes will be up for grabs as some of the top players from around Europe and the rest of the world descend on Sweden to frag it out in a Quake III Arena duel tournament. He will also get £500 spending money to paint the town a light shade of pastel pink during the tournament, as well as free accommodation.

There are also auto-berths for four more players from this qualifier to take part in the Swedish event, but unfortunately they will have to pay their own way - only the winner gets the all-expenses paid trip. Second place man will still walk away with £250 though, which should help to ease the pain. Third place man gets £125, fourth earns £75, and fifth place takes home £50.

The Competitors

We've picked out a few of the favourites who are in with the best chance of winning this weekend... Chris "Blokey" Hoare

Brighton's Blokey is definitely the favourite to take first prize this weekend. He was a member of the UK Quake 2 Team which defeated the French last November, and won the UK qualifier for the Razer-CPL event earlier this year, going on to impress a lot of people by placing in the top 24 at the massive Dallas tournament. Luke Coulter

Scotsman Luke plays alongside Blokey in Clan UNR, but don't expect him to give any quarter to his clanmate this weekend. He finished second in the Razer-CPL qualifier, and is another former member of the UK Quake 2 Team. Expect to see him walking home with a cash prize again this weekend. James "Billox" Page

Another former member of the UK Quake 2 Team (can you see the pattern here?), Billox finished third at the CPL's last UK qualifier, and he should finish in the top five again this weekend if he is on form. Of course, whatever he does this weekend, we won't let him forget that he went down 56 : -1 to Thresh at Quakeadelica a couple of years ago! Ian "Timber" Holder

A veteran of the QuakeWorld days and now a member of Clan 9, Timber came an impressive third in the XSi tournament in Sweden earlier this year, but at the Razer-CPL event just a few months later he barely made it to the last 24. His play can be very erratic at times, but if he is on form he may be able to challenge Blokey for first place. The Best Of The Rest

Silent of Clan 4K finished fourth at the last CPL qualifier event, and could prove a challenge for the favourites if he is on form. Dekkard is another wildcard who could do well - he won the duel competition at EuroLAN back in April, narrowly beating Silent in the semi-finals. Then there are DC.War18 and Veno, who finished just inside the top eight at the last CPL qualifier and will no doubt be looking to improve on that performance this weekend.

The Rules

If you want to read the full rules, you can find them here on the Playing Fields website. Otherwise, here's the condensed version...

All of the players will be using the standard systems down at the Playing Fields (GeForce 2 powered Athlons), including the mice and keyboards installed. So no funky ergonomic keyboards and Razer Boomslang mice I'm afraid. Headphones are also mandatory.

The 64 players have been split into eight groups, and each group will play a free for all to determine the seedings for the main section of the competition, which is one-on-one double elimination. In other words, you are only out of the tournament once you have been beaten twice.

The free for all matches will take place on Q3DM12. Duels will be on Q3DM6, Q3DM13, and Q3Tourney4, with a custom map (Sten Uusvali's ztn3dm1) also thrown into the mix to make things a little more interesting. All of the Q3DM* maps have been edited to remove all the powerups (quad damage etc) and adjust some of the item placement to improve their playability in a one-on-one situation. You can find the edited versions of the maps here.

Seeding Groups

These are the initial groups of eight players for the free for all round, which will determine the seedings for the rest of the competition. When we first posted this list there were a number of free spaces left, and although some of these filled up on the day two seeding groups remained empty. Here's a list of everyone who was registered when the first games kicked off, although not all of them had actually turned up on the day...

The Playing Fields - just generally

Duellist DC.Mozilla MR.Mauve Catflap CreepingDeath Ice Razzo [nEo]RangeR   Blokey N3uromancer Herring Dr.Who Error Dr.Comatosed Ferret Gracken The_Pope [Spod] Veno Pumpkin qmole [EOTB]Gimp Rail0r Phreaky   DC.War18 Fearless MKO Requiem Purity Chainsaw Laurent The Chojin [TDS]Dark Angel Dekkard Defiant Sky Timber 4K^Silent Hell Varies Evil Sid   Dr.Shigs rauper Erazer Luke Kaine Gen Spor Moo Man  

Geoff Richards and Duellist after their match in the first round


Group 1 -

Things were pretty tightly matched in group 1, with Mozilla from old school clan Demonic Core leading the pack, with most of the rest of the players staying close to the leader. Ice was acting as fragbait, while Duellist was forced to bow out of the game early due to a network hitch, and was moved to group 4 while the action continued without him. In the end it was Mozilla who came through with a healthy 65 frags, ten clear of his nearest rival NeoRanger, with Razzo and Dr Mauve another ten behind him. Group 2 -

Blokey got off to a dominant start, racking up frags twice as fast as anybody else in his group could manage, with Comatosed working his way up to second place. Later on the field started to close up though, and even our very own web chimp Jay "N3uromancer" Adair managed to frag Blokey a couple of times. Blokey was still 20 frags clear of second place man Comatosed at the end of the game though, with Jay lingering in 5th. Neither Dr Who or Error had bothered to show up, so group 2 was down to six players before the game even started. Group 3 -

For some reason this match ended five minutes early, forcing it to be replayed. Second time round, Railor and Veno took the early lead, with the rest of the group close behind. Well, except for EuroGamer's Geoff "The_Pope" Richards, who lingered on zero frags for the first couple of minutes. Finally he scored, but before he could finish celebrating he had been hit by a rail, stumbled off a ledge and cratered. Nil point. Meanwhile Veno had lost the lead to Pumpkin, and the two players were evenly matched until the last minutes of the game, when Veno finally managed to pull ahead. In the end he was nine frags up on 62, with Pumpkin in second, and qmole, Railor and Spod another ten frags down. Group 4 -

Duellist and Chainsaw looked strong early on, but before long Requiem had pulled ahead and was soon dominating the game, with Purity also doing fairly well, and the rest of the field serving as cannon fodder. Within a few minutes Requiem had taken a commanding twenty frag lead, and continued to build on it as the game went on. In the end he had racked up an impressive 73 frags, with Chainsaw on 42 and Duellist on 38. Group 5 -

Timber's performance in group 5 was disappointing to say the least, slumping to fourth by half time as his rail aim failed him. Silent was having an even worse time of it, and relative non-entity Sky was leading the game, with Dekkard chasing and Hell slowly falling back from third. Timber started to come back in the last minutes of the game, taking third place, as Silent recovered to fourth. The last two minutes were frantic, as the players tried to frag their way clear of the pack and the scores stayed close. In the end Sky managed to hold on to his slim lead, with Silent pulling up to second, and Hell, Dekkard and Timber all within a frag of each other. Group 6 -

Predictably enough Luke took the early lead, with Rauper in second place. At the beginning it was quite close, and the top few players all looked very evenly matched, but gradually Luke pulled ahead with a slim lead. Meanwhile Rauper used Spor to give him a boost, grenade jumping off the top of Spor's head. With ten minutes gone Luke had already reached 50 frags, and had pulled ahead of the chasing pack. Luke maintained his lead to the end of the game, ending up on 67 frags with Shigs, Gen, Rauper and Kaine all close together about 20 frags behind him.


1 - Requiem (73) 2 - Luke (67) 3 - Mozilla (65) 3 - Veno (65) 5 - Sky (63) 6 - Blokey (62) 7 - Silent (58) 8 - Ranger (56) 9 - Dekkard (55) 10 - Hell (54) 11 - Pumpkin (53) 12 - Timber (52) 13 - Shigs (48) 13 - Mr Mauve (48) 15 - Railor (47) 16 - Gen (47)

The results were something of a surprise, with Requiem doing better than we had expected, Timber playing disappointingly, and Billox and DC.War18 failing to show up at all. Blokey's relatively low seeding was probably thanks to him only having six players in his group, leaving him with less targets to frag. Unfortunately this wasn't compensated for in the seedings, so even though he got half as many frags again as his nearest opponent he was still only seeded sixth. There were also some intermittent network problems which may have slightly affected some of the results, but nothing too serious.


Because only 44 people took part in the qualifier rather than the 64 that had been expected, the top 20 seeds all got "byes" - letting them get through to the second round without having to play a game. The rest of the field had to do things the hard way though...

Creeping Death got a particularly painful lesson in humility from Erazer, who stomped him down 31 : 1, taking the lead early on and never looking back. Catflap demolished Moo Man 20 : 0, Chainsaw took Ferret down 24 : -1, while qmole embarrassed Ice by beating him 22 : -2. Ouch.

Meanwhile EuroGamer writer Geoff Richards was playing our old friend Duellist. The game looked close for the first few minutes, but Duellist was soon on a railgun rampage, eventually taking the score to 10 : 1. Duellist wouldn't be laughing for long though - after the game had ended he discovered that his next opponent would be Blokey. Say hello to the losers bracket.

Another EuroGamer peon headed for the slaughter was Jay "N3uromancer" Adair, whose game against Varies finally got underway after technical problems. The practice session was curtailed in favour of getting the thing going, but Jay would later regret his impatient attitude, as his lack of map knowledge showed through. Some early tussling led to nothing of note, until a rocket propelled down towards the red armour caught Jay, and a subsequent shaft put Varies 2 : 0 up. A couple of unfortunate visits to the lava god for Jay gave Varies a breather, but despite some defensive play he managed to knock Jay from his perch into the lava again, making the scores 2 : -3.

Varies rarely looked troubled, except when Jay almost took him down after some frantic play centered around the megahealth. Scampering away worriedly, Varies healed his wounds and came back with a vengeance and a full load of rockets, pummelling Jay in the central area and bringing the scores to 4 : -3, before forcing Jay into the magma .. again. Once more Jay lost his footing and went down to the molten rock below, but managed to recoup one of his lost frags in a frenetic central area lightning gun duel. Final score 6 : -4.

Not all of the games were so one-sided though, with Gracken sneaking through to a 5 : 4 victory over Spor.

Winners Bracket Results

Gracken 5 Spor 4 Dr Comatosed 19 Defiant 9 [Spod] 7 Cro 3 Erazer 31 CreepingDeath 1 qmole 22 Ice -2 Duellist 10 The Pope 1 Catflap 20 Moo Man 0 Evil Sid 8 Herring 1 Chainsaw 24 Ferret -1 Punty 10 The Chojin 6 Varies 6 N3uromancer -4 Fearless MKO 5 [EOTB]Gimp 2


With so many byes, some of the second round games were actually played before the first round had been completed. Requiem was one of the early winners, making short work of Grecken as he totally dominated the game, showing just why he was number one seed. Final score? 21 : 0.

Duellist took an expectedly early exit from the winners bracket as he took on Blokey on Q3DM6. He was already into negative territory by half time, as Blokey chased him down relentlessly with shaft, plasma and rail. A battle by the red armour cost Duellist another frag as he suicided under Blokey's rain of fire. Final score, 14 : -2. It could have been a lot worse.

Meanwhile, in the losers bracket Jay was putting up a spirited fight against Purity on Q3DM13. At one point he was 3 : 0 up, and seemed to have the match, but Purity came back hard a few minutes later to equalise on 2 : 2 after Jay blew himsef up with a rocket launcher in a close quarters battle. Purity was on the chase now, attacking hard with the rocket launcher and going 5 : 3 up before Jay managed to get back into the game.

Within a minute the scores were equal again, with Jay catching Purity with a rocket in the room with the bounce pad that leads up to the ledge above the megahealth. Jay took the lead again, rocketing Purity near the red armour. Purity wasn't going to let it slide though, and eventually equalised after a long game of cat and mouse, taking the match into a nerve-wracking sudden death extra time. In the end it was Purity who took the final frag, making the score 7 : 6 after a very close match.

EuroGamer's other resident loser, Geoff "The Pope" Richards, was up against Erazer on ZTN3DM1. Geoff took down Erazer with a rocket despite a bad spawn, before securing the red armour and some health. Both players looked uncertain, running instead of fighting more often than not. Geoff's use of the rocket launcher helped him, but Erazer spotted him camping the red armour and taught him a lesson in humility. With three minutes gone it was pretty tense, with Geoff just hanging on, and even managing a crucial equalising frag.

After a couple of impressive rockets from Erazer, Geoff was left stumbling for health, and the two players lost sight of one another again. With two and a half minutes left Geoff managed to force Erazer down to 35 health, but a stunning attack broke through Geoff's defense, making it 3 : 2. Fighting for his place in the tournament, Geoff threw everything into attack, but it wasn't enough, and he crashed out 5 : 2.

Winners Bracket Results

Requiem 21 Gracken 0 Rauper 8 Gen 2 Blokey 14 Duellist -2 Dekkard 5 Dr.Comatosed 4 [nEo]Ranger 15 [Spod] 2 Sky 4 Erazer 2 Timber 25 qmole 7 MR.Muave 5 Kaine 4 Veno 9 Purity 1 DC.Mozilla 23 Varies 9 Dr.Shigs 18 Razzo 7 Pumpkin 15 Fearless MKO 1 4k^Silent 24 Catflap 2 Hell 14 Chainsaw 4 Railor 20 Phreaky 0 Luke 15 Herring 0 Losers Bracket Results Duellist 10 Creeping Death 0 Purity 7 N3uromancer 6 qmole 13 Gimp -1 [Spod] 18 Moo Man -1 Herring 9 Spor 4 Defiant 23 Chainsaw 7 Catflap 18 Cro 5 Fearless MKO 9 Ice 2 Varies 24 The Chojin -1 Erazer 5 The_Pope 2 Comatosed 30 Ferret 1 Gracken 6 EvilSid 2 Timber vs Sky : Q3DM13 Timber had a surprisingly easy game against fifth seed Sky, hogging the red armour and megahealth and picking up his first frag within the first minute of the game. He soon picked up a second point, shafting Sky near the lava. Timber spent almost the entire game with health and armour on 100 or higher, and looked in strong form after his poor performance in the seeding round. With four minutes gone, Sky managed to get a megahealth, dropping down from above only to find Timber in the little room below him. After a short exchange of rockets Sky picked up his first (and, as it turned out, last) frag of the game. Timber soon came back to pick up his third, and went back to hoovering up the health and armour. Sky seemed to have run off to hide in the meantime, with only a few short skirmishes as the game ground to a halt, and Timber turned to clanmate Xenon and shrugged as he got yet another megahealth with no sign of Sky. Another skirmish in the courtyard saw Timber plummeting into the lava, but he managed to bunny hop out, rocket jumped up to the red armour, dropped back down and through the teleporter, and after a short dash down the corridor he was back at his beloved megahealth. With just two minutes left the score was still 3 : 1, and Sky was just too timid to pull back at this late stage. Timber camped the teleporter for a while, coming out in the last minute to take the final score to 5 : 1. Hell vs Silent : Q3DM13 Silent took the initiative early on, pulling out a 10 : 3 lead in the first half of the game as Hell struggled to keep up. Hell pulled one back with the rocket launcher, but Silent clearly had the upper hand. Both players managed to survive a short sharp rocket launcher battle in the little teleporter room by the lava pool, but eventually Hell tracked down Silent and finished him off in the courtyard above with his rocket launcher. With less than two minutes left though, the score was 11 : 5 to Silent. After a quiet spell the game began to liven up again, with a series of fierce rocket and grenade exchanges, but neither player could make a frag. Hell charged down Silent, but after a shaft and rocket battle Silent managed to blow him up, taking the final score to 12 : 5. Luke vs Railor : ZTN3DM1 Sten Uusvali's excellent custom map hadn't seen much action yet today, but Luke was about to give it a baptism in fire. A relatively slow start left him 2 : 0 up after two minutes. Lurking by the megahealth, his rocket smashed into Railor as he made a dash for the powerup, leaving Luke to pick up the pieces. More frags soon followed as Luke began to dominate the game, picking up a lovely long range rail in the main hall to make it 6 : 0 at four minutes, escaping with just 6 health himself. Luke had soon got another couple of points, with the plasma gun this time, taking it to 8 : 0 at half time as he picked up yet another megahealth. Coming back to the megahealth a little later, his grenades caught Railor just short of the popular powerup .. again. As the game entered its last quarter, Luke was 12 : 0 up, but Railor wasn't quite giving up. He finally managed to get his first (and last) frag of the match, catching Luke with a rocket in the main hall and stopping to type "yay!" before Luke came back to take a few more frags out of him. Railor threw his arms up in the air in despair as Luke took him down again, cruising to a 16 : 1 victory. Rauper vs Requiem : Q3DM6 Requiem was seeded first after a dazzling performance in the FFA rounds, and his experience with the railgun showed through in this encounter with EuroGamer's boy wonder Rupert "Rauper" Loman. It took a full minute and a half for Requiem to break through Rauper's defense, but once he did there was no looking back, and thanks to some consolatory play from Requiem, and an unfortunate suicide from Rauper, the score was 4 : -1 after four minutes. Showing a touch of the class he exhibited in the FFA rounds, Rauper managed to pull himself back to a dignified zero, but as half time ticked past Requiem went into a frenzy with his railgun, making the score 7 : 0. Once again Rauper started to look a little ropey, suffering at the hands of Requiem's rocket launcher, and despite forcing him down to 17 health at one point, Requiem scored again, perched atop a column, zooming in to rail Rauper. 12 : 0. With two minutes left there was little hope of a reprieve. The most Rauper could manage in response was some indifferent rocket launching, but just before the end his patience finally paid off, and he salvaged a little pride with a punishing shaft. Even so, he never looked like recovering, and Requiem finished him off in the last minute to take the final score to 14 : 1. Requiem's railgun kills really were "blink and you miss it stuff" - he may just prove himself in the latter stages of the tournament. Rauper vs Phreaky : Q3DM6 Rauper and Phreaky are clan mates by night, and it showed in the closeness of this encounter. It took two minutes before anything happened, and when it did it was Phreaky who showed his inexperience with the map, plummeting to his death with a yelp. Quick to seize upon this, Rauper leapt into action, scoring a quick frag and maintaining his composure while controlling the rocket launcher. Two minutes later it was 3 : -1 after a tense battle atop the pillars, and even though Rauper slipped to 3 health, he managed to control the upper levels. Phreaky got a handle on the action at this point though, bringing his tally up into the positives at 4 : 1, but it was too little too late, and even a frag in the final seconds wasn't enough. 4 : 2 it finished. Comatosed vs Hell : Q3DM6 The field was narrowing down sufficiently for some of the losers bracket matches to be really interesting, and this was a perfect example. Early on the game was tight, with lots of health and armour gathered by both parties as they survived the intermittent railgun and rocket action, before Comatosed took the lead, only to see it quashed within 15 seconds! A minute later things went in Comatosed's favour, as Hell lost his footing and cratered, but just before half time he regained his composure and scored a vital rail kill. Some shafting in the aftermath tilted the balance 3 : 1 in Hell's favour. It took two minutes, but Comatosed managed to pull it back with a sneaky rail kill through Hell's rocket trail. A bad respawn led Hell to a quick rocket launcher death, equalising the score on 3 : 3. Hell wasn't going to be so easily suppressed though, and fought his way ahead using the lightning gun effectively. With 90 remaining seconds there was no sign of Hell, and as the final minute counted down, Comatosed could only manage passing hits. Hunting desperately for his opponent, Comatosed suddenly came up against him. Blowing his chance to win the thing outright, Hell missed with the railgun, only to see Comatosed overpower him and level things at 4 : 4. It took a whole minute of tense extra time before Hell made a vital mistake and cratered, leaving Comatosed standing victorious. Winners Bracket Results Requiem 15 Rauper 1 Timber 4 Sky 1 [nEo]Ranger 11 Dekkard 2 Veno 12 MR.Muave -2 Blokey 23 Pumpkin 3 4k^Silent 10 Hell 4 DC.Mozilla 22 Dr.Shigs 15 Luke 16 Railor 1 Losers Bracket Results First Batch   Duellist 9 Fearless MKO 2 Phreaky 6 Herring 5 Defiant 32 Catflap 3 Razzo 3 Varies 2 Kaine 3 Punty 2 qmole 8 Erazer 2 Dr.Comatosed 18 [Spod] -2 Gen 12 Gracken -2 Second Batch   Rauper 4 Phreaky 2 Dekkard 23 Defiant 10 Sky 16 Duellist 2 Razzo 3 MR.Mauve 2 Dr.Shigs 9 Kaine 2 Pumpkin 6 qmole 4 Dr.Comatosed 4 Hell 3 Gen 2 Railor 0 Blokey vs Mozilla : Q3DM13 This game had to be restarted after a minute, when with the score on 1 : 1 the players realised that demos weren't being recorded. On the restart both players went straight for the megahealth, with Blokey arriving just ahead sparking a sharp little battle. Both players escaped with their lives after exchanging rockets, and a little later Blokey returned to pick up the second megahealth. Dropping down to the lava pool, Blokey spotted Mozilla on the red armour ledge just above him and waited next to the teleporter. His patience soon paid off, as a rocket caught Mozilla full in the face as he gave chase. Mozilla managed to blow himself up soon afterwards, and then Blokey shafted him twice in quick succession to take the score to 3 : -1. Mozilla managed to pull back to zero frags after a battle in the bounce pad room next to the megahealth, but with four minutes gone Blokey was 4 : 0 up. Mozilla picked up another frag, but Blokey rocketed him after respawning as he went for the megahealth. At half time it was 5 : 1, and Blokey looked to be on dominant form, picking up a frag a minute like clockwork throughout the mid-game. A lightning gun battle in the courtyard saw Blokey's shaft picking Mozilla out of mid-air, 6 : 1 at six minutes. His rocket launcher made it 7 : 1 at seven minutes. And then another rocket attack, this time in the main courtyard, made it 8 : 1 at eight minutes. It was all over for Mozilla, but he put in one last spurt in the final minutes of the game as all hell broke loose. Blokey misjudged his rocket jump in the courtyard, and Mozilla swooped in to finish him off, but Blokey managed to defend himself with his rocket launcher. Down to single digit health, Blokey made a run to find some relief, only to find Mozilla again a second later. Again Blokey survives, but it was third time lucky for Mozilla as he picked up his second frag of the game a minute from the end. Try, try and try again... Mozilla dropped like a stone into the molten rock in the middle of the courtyard, and with a little helping rocket from Blokey he incinerated himself. In the last seconds of the game he got the frag back again, but the final score was 10 : 2 to Blokey. Download the demos: Moziila's perspective (502k).Timber vs Veno : Q3DM13 Timber and Veno were having a closely matched game praying to the lava god on Q3DM13, taking the scores to an incredible -1 : -1 before Timber finally managed to claw his way back to zero frags and into the lead. Unfortunately he then noticed that his headphones weren't working properly, and requested a restart. Timber then proceeded to play musical chairs, trying out two or three different PCs before finding one he was happy with. The game finally got started, with Timber picking up the megahealth, then getting the red armour .. and then going back to get the second megahealth. Veno managed to pick up the first frag though, taking Timber down with his rocket launcher and then making himself scarce. Two minutes into the game a battle broke out in the courtyard, with Timber following through into the back corridor and equalising with his rocket launcher. He was on a rampage now, taking it to 3 : 1 by the third minute. After a running shaft and rocket battle across half the map, Timber finally earned himself another frag, taking it to 5 : 1 at four minutes, then 6, then 7 by half time... Veno was going down hard now, as Timber recovered his confidence. Another battle broke out over the megahealth, with Timber rocket jumping up out of the alcove to meet Veno above and taking him down to make it 8 : 1 with four minutes to go. Timber was still chasing hard though, exchanging shotgun blasts with Veno, taking him down but escaping with just 3 health. Veno was on the offensive now, chasing Timber down to the lava pool, only to get a face full of rocket as Timber span round and offloaded one from his launcher as he backed through the teleporter. With two minutes left Veno got another one back at last - a rocket and shaft battle in the courtyard left Timber running for the red armour, only to get depth charged by Veno from above. Timber came right back at him with the machinegun though, making it 13 : 2 with a minute to play. In the last seconds Timber got another, spotting Veno scurrying towards the teleporter far below his vantage point in the courtyard, his snap rocket shot caught him perfectly. Final score, 14 : 2. Luke vs Silent : Q3DM6 Sporting a lucky Sylvester and Tweety Pie mouse mat with his 3M on top, Luke looked powerful from the start, taking an early lead and fighting off the pressure of Silent's impressive rail aim. Progressively beating off Silent with all manner of implements, Luke managed to extend his lead to a fairly comfortable 5 : 0, and although Silent pulled one back atop the pillar structure, Luke kept pushing, eventually finishing with only 4 health and the score 7 : 1. Download the demos: Luke's perspective (526k). Silent's perspective (476k). Silent vs Dekkard : Q3Tourney4 Meanwhile, back in the losers bracket... Silent and Dekkard got off to a close start, matching each other frag for frag on every rail monkey's favourite map. With three minutes left though, Silent was starting to pull out a slim lead, going 14 : 10 up. Dekkard wasn't about to give up though, coming back hard and taking a trio of rail kills to make it 14 : 13 with just 20 seconds left. Silent decided he had had enough of this game, not bothering to respawn as it drew to a close. Eventually the server forced him to respawn, but he spent the last five seconds running like hell trying to avoid Dekkard. A disappointing end to what had been a very exciting and evenly matched game. Download the demos: Silent's perspective (579k). Dekkard's perspective (642k).Rauper vs Dekkard : Q3Tourney4 A couple of quick rails put Rauper one frag ahead, and within a minute he doubled his lead. It took only a few seconds more for him to extend it by a further frag, but Dekkard exercised his right to reply vehemently with a ferocious rocket to the face. Rauper then blundered about for a bit, missing a lot of rails and visibly losing confidence. With three minutes gone it was 3 : 3. Taking advantage of Rauper's diminished health, Dekkard repeatedly put him down with the railgun and rocket launcher, barely giving the EuroGamer lad time to breathe. As half time came up he was 9 : 3 down, and thanks to a mixture of bad spawns for Rauper and impressive rails for Dekkard, he slumped, facing a 15 : 3 deficit. The energy was all but gone from Rauper now, as he more or less accepted his elimination from the tournament. Despite yelping repeatedly, Rauper failed to force Dekkard to lose his nerve or his control of the map, and although he got a railgun kill with two minutes left, Dekkard maintained his dominance and came home a comfortable 20 : 5 up. Download the demos: Rauper's perspective (560k). Dekkard's perspective (517k).Comatosed vs Gen : Q3DM13 Comatosed seems to have got a lot further than many fancied him to, not least thanks to Mugwum's Ratpad [that's enough, Mugs - Ed]. Meanwhile Gen was knocked into the losers bracket by Eurogamer's own Rauper. A couple of quick tussles with the lightning gun and rocket launcher saw Comatosed pull ahead; a lead he consolidated after a couple of minutes, despite dropping to just 10 health at one point. Seeing Comatosed killing himself accidentally, Gen seized the initiative and pulled one back, but once Comatosed regained his composure it was one way traffic again. At half time it was 7 : 1, and the frags just kept coming. With only two minutes left to play it was all over, the score on 12 : 1 thanks to some deft handling of the lightning gun. And while Gen managed a few machine gun kills, he could only stay alive for a short time before Comatosed suppressed him again. As the final seconds ticked away, Comatosed closed the proceedings with a last second kill, a fitting desecration of his opponent that left the final score on 15 : 3. Download the demos: Comatosed's perspective (503k).

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