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Cosmic Family for Wii

Mini-games for kids.

Nintendo has yelled from the mountain tops time and time again that it wants the Wii to expand gaming. Mum, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend (a what?); it wants everyone.

Heading the call once more is Ubisoft, which has announced early learning title Cosmic Family for release in the middle of this year.

You are (or more likely your children are) invited aboard the Cosmic Family's rocket-house, where you can find 15 different mini-games to help improve memory, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and imagination.

"Cosmic Family is a great title for young Wii players and their families, with simple point-and-click controls that will be easy to learn and provide the freedom to navigate wherever players choose to go," reckons John Parkes, EMEA marketing director at Ubisoft. "Families will enjoy playing this game together, as it unfolds more like an interactive adventure than a traditional video game."

A game to help make your console one to fight over, yet with more mini-game titles than cerebral releases, perhaps you'll let the children win.

Have a butcher's at the latest screenshots here.

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Cosmic Family

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