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Control trophy list and Platinum difficulty explained: How to earn all main and hidden trophies explained

How to earn every trophy in Control and its DLCs.

Between it's main campaign and two DLC adventures, Control has a grand total of 67 trophies for you to earn during your time at the FBC.

There are 46 trophies in Control's main campaign, 10 from The Foundation DLC and 11 from the AWE DLC. A number of trophies are hidden too, which means that, while you know they exist, you might not know how to obtain them.

To ensure you can truly complete Control, we've listed all the trophies down below, including how to earn the hidden trophies, so you can figure out which ones you're missing.

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Trophies from Control's main campaign:

Trophies from The Foundation DLC:

Trophies from the AWE DLC:

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Control main campaign trophy list

Aside from the secret trophies, there are 32 trophies for you to unlock in the main campaign of Control.

These achievements are earned by completing a number of activities throughout the game - from completing side missions to obtaining new abilities for Jessie - and unlocking each one will bring you closer to that special Platinum trophy.

Below you can find every non-secret trophy you can collect in the main campaign of Control:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Director of the FBCUnlock all other trophiesPlatinum
Astral ConstructionConstruct a Weapon Form or ModBronze
Non-Strandard IssueUpgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3Silver
Career DevelopmentUnlock all 3 Personal Mod slotsSilver
The Importance of SynergyComplete 5 Side MissionsBronze
Inter-Departmental CooperationComplete 10 Side MissionsBronze
FBC Crisis Solution Task ForceComplete 15 Side MissionsSilver
Paranatural Collection Collect more than 100,000 SourceSilver
Interdimensional DefenderKilled 1000 HissSilver
ParautilitarianUnlock 1 Ability Tree UpgradeBronze
Expert ParautilitarianUnlock 50% of the Ability UpgradesBronze
Master ParautilitarianUnlock 100% of the Ability UpgradesGold
Choose to be ChosenObtain the Service WeaponBronze
Paranatural PowerhouseObtain the Launch AbilityBronze
Insular TelekinesisObtain the Shield AbilityBronze
Shifting PositionsObtain the Evade AbilityBronze
Psychic OccupationObtain the Compel AbilityBronze
Rising ThoughtObtain the Levitate AbilityBronze
Ritualistic ThinkingCleanse 5 Control PointsBronze
Ritual IntuitionCleanse 10 Control PointsBronze
Discerning the PatternCleanse 25 Control PointsSilver
Strange CollectionCollect 40 CollectiblesBronze
Record KeeperCollect 80 CollectiblesBronze
Bureau ArchivistCollect 120 CollectiblesGold
Cognitive IntruderCompel 10 enemies with the Seize AbilityBronze
Unstable MatterKill 50 enemies with the Launch AbilityBronze
Volatile DebrisKill 10 enemies with the Shield Burst AbilityBronze
Proper Handling ProceduresUse Launch to throw a grenade or rockBronze
War Games Complete 5 Board CountermeasuresBronze
Astral TacticianComplete 25 Board CountermeasuresSilver
First On the SceneComplete 1 Bureau AlertBronze
Crisis ManagementComplete 5 Bureau AlertsSilver

Hidden trophies for the main campaign of Control

There are 15 hidden trophies for you to earn during the main campaign of Control.

This list contains trophies which are unlocked by completing certain parts of the game's story and optional battles that you can encounter by completing the various side missions throughout the FBC.

Here are the hidden trophies for the main campaign of Control:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Welcome to the Oldest HouseComplete Mission 1Bronze
Unknown CallerComplete Mission 2Bronze
Directorial OverrideComplete Mission 3Bronze
Old Boys' ClubComplete Mission 4Bronze
ThresholdComplete Mission 5Bronze
My Brother's KeeperComplete Mission 6Bronze
The Face of the Enemy Complete Mission 7Bronze
Finnish Tango Complete Mission 8Bronze
PolarisComplete Mission 9Bronze
Take ControlComplete Mission 10Gold
Altered Manifestations May OccurDefeat esseJBronze
Aggressive GrowthDefeat Mold-1Bronze
Head of CommunicationsDefeat Mr. TomassiBronze
Living ArchetypesDefeat the AnchorBronze
Astral PhenomenaDefeat FormerSilver

Control The Foundation DLC trophy list

The Foundation is the first DLC adventure for Control and it has a total of 10 trophies for you to collect, seven of which are not hidden.

You'll earn these seven trophies by completing a series of feats during The Foundation DLC and fully exploring the mysterious underground realm of the Oldest House.

Here's the named and explained trophies for The Foundation DLC of Control:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Make/unmakeUse Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 timesSilver
A Strong Foundation Complete all Missions in the FoundationSilver
Hostile Work EnvironmentKill 50 Hiss SharpenedBronze
Niche PositionFind all hidden locations in the FoundationBronze
Rush JobKill 100 enemies with Shield RushSilver
Subterranean ResearchCollect all Collectibles in the FoundationBronze
Supportive StaffHave a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies Bronze

Hidden trophies for the The Foundation DLC of Control

Within The Foundation DLC in Control, you'll have the chance to earn three hidden trophies.

You can earn these trophies by truly exploring The Foundation and uncovering a number of it's weirdest secrets. You may even find yourself unlocking some new clothing items for Jessie alongside the trophy...

Below you can find the hidden trophies for The Foundation DLC of Control:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Astral PlumbingDiscover the Astral Plane restroomBronze
One of UsGather all the Maneki-nekosBronze
Star PerformanceComplete the 'Jesse Faden starring in Swift Platform' side missionBronze

Control AWE DLC trophy list

The AWE DLC for Control has a total of 11 trophies - six of which are not hidden.

You'll find these trophies by uncovering the various collectibles found throughout the Investigation Sector, enjoying the new Arcade Mode and a number of other activities.

Here are the non-hidden trophies for the AWE DLC of Control:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Chief InvestigatorFind 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigation SectorBronze
Elevated MindKill 25 Airborne RangersBronze
In-depth InvestigationsFind 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigation SectorBronze
Multiple Applications Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targetsBronze
Surge ProtectorKill 50 enemies with SurgeBronze
Workplace RecreationPlay a single game in Arcade ModeSilver

Hidden trophies for AWE DLC of Control

There are five hidden trophies for you to earn throughout the AWE DLC for Control.

These trophies are earned by completing a number of activities, including story events in the AWE DLC.

Here are the hidden trophies for the AWE DLC of Control:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Familiar MethodologiesFight off HartmanBronze
Surge of PowerUpgrade Surge to the maximum levelBronze
The Third ThingDefeat HartmanSilver
Vending SpreeDestroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instancesBronze
Work Smarter, Not HarderAttach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemyBronze

It’s time to journey into the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. Our Control walkthrough can help you through the storyline missions, including Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Old Boy’s Club, Threshold, My Brother's Keeper, The Face of the Enemy, Finnish Tango, Polaris and Take Control. You can also learn new supernatural powers by completing A Merry Chase, A Good Defence and A Captive Audience. We also have guides on upgrading the Service Weapon, your Abilities, how to use Weapon and Personal Mods, how to unlock every outfit and the solution to the Roulette Wheel puzzle.

How easy is it to obtain the platinum trophy in Control?

When it comes to earning the platinum trophy for Control, it's important to remember that you only need to obtain all of the trophies from the main campaign. This means that you don't need to fully complete The Foundation and AWE DLCs to obtain the ultimate achievement for Control, so, if you're not interested in those adventures, feel free to ignore them.

Still, we estimate it takes roughly 10 to 15 hours to collect all of the trophies from the main campaign of Control if you're well skilled at the game. Thankfully, none of the trophies are missable, so you can sit back and enjoy the storyline.

A good number of the named and hidden trophies for the main campaign of Control will naturally unlock as you play through Jessie's adventure. Nevertheless, it's worth regularly cashing in your Ability Points and exploring each area carefully for collectibles to ensure you don't miss anything.

Having to find 120 collectibles might sound like a challenge, but, once you delve deeper into the FBC, you'll realise it really isn't that hard. If you do get stuck, remember to backtrack to previous locations once you've obtained the Levitate ability and use our Control walkthrough guide, which lists the locations for the majority of the collectibles at the end of each section.

You even have to find the creepy children's show...

Don't forget to do the side missions either - not only will you obtain more trophies, but the Ability Points you obtain will make it easier for you to destroy the Hiss. We recommend maxing out your Launch, Health and Energy abilities first, because, aside from the Service Weapon, they will be the skills you rely on the most.

Make sure you spend all your Ability Points.

The hardest trophies to obtain are, by far, the ones associated with the Bureau Alerts and the optional bosses found in the side missions, such esseJ.

Before attempting one of these challenges, remember to have your strongest Weapon and Personal mods equipped, as well as spending any spare Ability Points you might have. Once unlocked, Bureau Alerts will spawn throughout your playtime with the game, including the post-game, so you don't feel like you have to rush to complete them.

It's also important to remember that Control does have an Assist Mode, which can be accessed from the game's options. This mode contains an energy recovery multiplier, the ability to turn on immortality and one-hit kills, among other settings.

If you're having trouble defeating a side boss, such as Mr. Tommasi, or the Bureau Alerts, then we suggest using the settings found in Assist Mode. Doing so will give you an advantage over the Hiss and bring you closer to that platinum trophy.

Obtaining the platinum trophy for Control may seem like a bit of a time investment, but, if you truly love the game, then it's definitely worth it.

If you'd like to learn more about Control, check out our Control walkthrough, which contains links to all our Control guides, including a number of side missions.

Good luck in the Oldest House!

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