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Community-made KOTOR reboot Apeiron gets very first video

Carth take my eyes off of you.

Below is the first footage (non live-stream) of fan-made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reboot Apeiron. It shows the old 2003 role-playing game brought visually and impressively up to date in Unreal Engine 4.

YouTuber MrMattyPlays recorded and shared the footage having been given access by the Apeiron development team. There are four minutes of footage in which four areas are shown: the upper and lower cities of Taris, the starting spaceship area of Endar Spire, and the Tatooine city of Anchorhead.

The frame-rate is choppy and the visuals are compressed but MrMattyPlays assures us that the build, played first-hand, is visually stunning.

Of more interest to me, however, are signs of gameplay changes. The level is explored from a first-person perspective rather than third-person perspective as the original game used, and combat appears to be in real-time rather than in KOTOR's rounds - blasters fire while both the player-character and enemies run around.

But do bear in mind that this is a pre-alpha tech demo and anything you see may be placeholder and subject to significant change.

KOTOR Apeiron is a community project I'm in the process of finding out more about. There are plans to accept donations at some point but never to charge people to play, as charging could incur the shut-down attention of IP holder Disney.

There's no timeline for the project being finished, and there's an open call for development help. And although there are four areas seen in this video, there are many more to tackle, so there's a long way to go.

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