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Codies Online reveals space MMOG

Jumpgate: Evolution from NetDevil.

Codemasters Online Gaming has revealed its next big project as a space MMOG from Auto Assault developer NetDevil.

Dubbed Jumpgate: Evolution, it boasts epic battles between fleets of spaceships, a vast and persistent universe to explore, thousands of others to interact with and ships to customise into enormous warmongering craft or profitable mining ventures.

NetDevil is describing it as having twitch-based combat and it is due for release late this year on PC in Europe and the US.

It does sound an awful lot like EVE Online, but the original Jumpgate from 2001 (also by NetDevil and still alive) was keen to mark itself out as a "space flight combat game" not an RPG.

"Jumpgate brings something new and fresh to the online persistent space," said David Solari, big shot at Codemasters Online Gaming with a science fiction-sounding surname.

"The all-action approach and thrilling, twitch-based space combat really sets it apart from other MMOGs in the market."

NetDevil is most well known for post-apocalyptic vehicular MMOG Auto Assault, which closed its servers at the end of August 2007 after barely over a year on sale.

The developer is also currently working on a persistent online LEGO world that should be arriving later this year. Sounds like rather a lot on one plate to us.

Still, you can pop over to our Jumpgate: Evolution gallery for the first screenshots.

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