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COD: Elite beta kicks off today

2 million volunteers ready to serve.

The first wave of invitations for the Call of Duty: Elite beta go out today, Activision has confirmed.

As explained by community man Dan Amrich on his One of Swords blog, those who signed up should check their email inboxes to see if they've made it in.

Access is being granted, for the most part, in order of who signed up first. If you don't get a call-up today, fret not - further waves of invitations will go out "later".

Around two million volunteers have reportedly signed up to trial the FPS series' new social networking/stat tracking hub. Acti hopes to include most of them at some stage of the beta.

"'As many as possible' is the official answer," wrote Amrich, "but as stated from the beginning, the beta will roll out in waves.

"It will start with a small group of people and the Beachhead team will steadily add more people from day one onward. This will take place over a few weeks.

"As for the two million volunteers, we’ll have to see how it goes, but yeah, that’s the plan."

The beta will use Black Ops data, though obviously Modern Warfare 3 stats will also feature in the final product.

There's no set end date for the trial period as of yet, though the full site is scheduled to launch along side Modern Warfare 3 in November.

For more on what's included in the service, have a gander at our Call of Duty: Elite preview.

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