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Clock app arrives on Nintendo Switch, to be priced $9.99

Waste of time.

First there was Calculator. Now another non-game app has arrived on the Nintendo eShop: a clock.

AAA Clock from RedDeer.games will be available from 8th October priced initially at $1.99 / €1.99 before jumping to $9.99 / €9.99 (thanks, Nintendo Life).

That's $9.99. For a clock.

It does show the time in some fetching colours, with "full support for OLED technology" - whatever that means. So at the least, the numbers will be nice and sharp while your brand new OLED Switch is propped up wasting battery.

And those colours can mimic those of your Joy-Con which is a nice addition.

This "premium product" with "super production quality" also supports a number of languages - Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese to be precise - though presumably this won't actually affect the time.

You can even use it on your telly, for those big wide screen numbers.

At least, unlike Calculator, there is in fact a game hidden away in AAA Clock: some sort of retro side-scroller judging by the video, which you can play whenever you get bored with looking at numbers.

And of course, being available on the Switch, you can now check the time wherever you go from a handy pocket-sized portable console that definitely does what your smartphone or watch doesn't already.

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