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Cities: Skylines sells two million copies

Accidentally uses music from The Sims 3 to celebrate.

Since its release this time last year, Cities: Skylines has sold over two million copies worldwide.

Colossal Order's latest city builder has demolished sales records from launch, with many players welcoming it as a real alternative to 2013's disappointing SimCity reboot.

Despite coming from a much smaller team, Cities: Skylines avoided many of the pitfalls its competition fell into. The game isn't always-online, doesn't have the same restrictions to building space, and Colossal Order fully embraced its modding community. Simply put, it avoided the mistakes EA and Maxis made, and that was enough.

Which is perhaps why fans' eyebrows were raised when they discovered Colossal Order used a track from the The Sims 3 OST for its one year anniversary video for Cities Skylines, below.

The music that plays in the background as Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen mentions Cities: Skylines sold an impressive 250,000 copies within the first 24 hours of sale, was also used in The Sims 3 under the title Consumerism Simplified.

"Wow, what are the odds?!" responded publisher Paradox Interactive after the comparison was pointed out in the YouTube comments. "We actually bought this music from a service... Apparently the same one as our lovely friends at EA :)"

Small world and all that.

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