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Cheap This Week - 20/04/11

The best in bargain gaming.

Welcome to Cheap This Week! We already tell you which games are out this week, so we thought we'd try bringing you a weekly roundup of the best deals in gaming as well. Look out for Cheap This Week each Wednesday.

If one update every seven days isn't enough to satisfy your hunger for gaming value, you can also check out my website SavyGamer.co.uk (hi, I'm Lewie!), which is always up to date with the hottest discounts from all over.

Here's what's Cheap This Week

Mortal Kombat - £27.99 delivered on PS3 and Xbox 360

In my day, the difference between the different versions of Mortal Kombat was that the SEGA version had blood and the Nintendo version had sweat. Today, the only platform-exclusive factor is cross-promotion of the God of War franchise in the form of playable Kratos in the PS3 version.

It's out at the end of the week, and under 30 quid seems like a fairly decent pre-order price. Check out Eurogamer's review to know for sure.

Warning: Contains punches, kicks, and weird fireball things.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - PC – £23.84 delivered

Save yourself a few quid by getting your order in early here. Details are still a bit scarce on ORC, but you can familiarise yourself with what we know so far in Wesley's preview.

Capcom has drafted in SOCOM: Confrontation developer Slant 6 for this Resident Evil spin-off/interquel. It's not due out until the end of the year, but if you get your pre-order in now, Shopto won't charge you until they ship it anyway (as long as you are paying by card), and you can always cancel this if a better offer comes up, or if you change your mind. Spooky trailer available already.

Dead Space 2 - £17.99 delivered on Xbox 360 and £12.99 delivered on PC

I really enjoyed the first Dead Space, but was pleasantly surprised that the sequel was a major improvement from the first game. Probably the biggest change for me was the variety of environments – rather than being entirely set on a big space ship, you get to go to all sorts of locations.

It's perhaps a little on the short side, but it more than makes up for it with the best stomp attack from any game ever. So much so that I call it Dead Stomp instead. Check out Simon's review (of the game, not my sense of humour).

Peggle - 400 MS Points (Xbox Live Gold subscribers only) on Xbox Live Arcade

As well as the base game being made available for half price, the Peggle Nights expansion is 50 per cent off too.

Dan (rightly) sang Peggle XBLA's praises back when it released in March of 2009. It's not my favourite version – the PC version has more precise controls and the iOS version is compatible with the outside world – but the Xbox version of Peggle has the shiniest graphics, and the controls are more than adequate.

At this point you're listening to the advice of a man who has freely admitted to owning Peggle on three different formats, so perhaps it's best if we move on.

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