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Cheap This Week - 11/05/11

Dirt 3! LA Noire! Civ 5! Witcher!

It's bargain time, folks. Get your payment method of choice at the ready - I'm about to unveil what's Cheap This Week. Here's the latest selection of attractively priced gaming discounts, scoured from all over the web. If you still want more, check out SavyGamer.co.uk throughout the week.

Here are this week's deals:

Dirt 3 - £27.99 delivered on PS3 and Xbox 360

Note: to get that price you must apply coupon "JSGA2005". This coupon is for new accounts only.

This is the new new Codemaster racer, out later this month. Joao previewed the game last year. Here's what he thought of it:

"Ultimately, the acid test for any rally game is the intensity of the experience it offers. Powering through Finnish forests at 90-plus mph, the deafening Quattro roar masking the frantic clicks of the analogue stick as you battle to keep Audi's beast from firing you into a tree, promises to be one of the most exhilarating digital racing encounters yet."

Moving cars.

Hopefully it will be a worthwhile follow-up to the brilliant Dirt 2, which got a solid Eurogamer 8/10 back in '09.

LA Noire – £31.99 delivered on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Once again, apply coupon "JSGA2005". This coupon is for new accounts only.

It's got Walter Bishop from Fringe, and that guy from Mad Men in it, but will it be any good? Andrew previewed it back in March, and said this of the interview system:

"Team Bondi's amazing animation was on full display here, actually succeeding in turning facial animations into gameplay. When you ask people questions, they'll react in a certain way. Sometimes it's obvious that they're lying, since they won't look you in the eye after their response.

"Other times, you might just notice a subtle tic that tips you off. You'll have to read their voices and expressions in order to figure out where they stand. Are they trying to hide something? Or are they just deeply saddened by the news of the murder?"

Sounds interesting enough to grab my attention. Maybe Rockstar will be ready to talk about that other open-world game of theirs after this comes out?

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