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Cheap This Week - 01/06/11

Battlefield! GTA! Broken Sword! AssBro!

Behold! Here's your essential weekly guide to spending slightly less on games than you might pay otherwise. Cheap This Week is a collection of the best deals from across the land every Wednesday; read on to find out which gaming deals we think are worth your attention this week. If you want updates about which games are cheap pumped into your web browser every second, be sure to head to SavyGamer.co.uk.

Here are this week's deals:

Battlefield 3 [Limited Edition], PC – £27.79 delivered Apply coupon "15MAY-1".

We'll get to see a bit more of DICE's upcoming urban shooter at E3 next week, but in the meantime you can check out Al's Eurogamer preview.

The Limited Edition includes a pack of some classic vehicles, weapons & maps (Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula & Wake Island) from Battlefield 2 updated for Battlefield 3. It's at a price that's better than the standard edition anyway, so if you're planning on getting it at release, this is a great deal.

Battlefield 3 is the latest of EA's attempts at unseating COD as the number one online shooter, as it will release head to head with Modern Warfare 3. Which camp will you be in come November?

12 minutes of set piece heavy single player.

Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, 3, Vice City, San Andreas, 4 & Episodes from Liberty City, PC – £17.48

GTA, all of them. Or at least all the ones that have had a PC release.

This pack contains all the main Grand Theft Auto games, three different versions of Liberty City, and nearly 15 years of open world gaming history.

Travel with me through the ages of Eurogamer reviews. The first two GTAs were just before Eurogamer's time, but Tom reviewed GTA III back in 2001, Martin reviewed Vice City in 2003, before tackling San Andreas. In '05, Kieron then reviewed GTA4 in '08 before Tom wrapped it up with his review of Episodes from Liberty City in 2009.

Which of Rockstar's urban play areas is your favourite?

Broken Sword Trilogy, PC – £5.45

This includes both the modern Director's Cut/Remastered version of the first two games and the original versions from the 90s. If you're not after all three, they are also individually discounted to £2.55 each.

The Director's Cut of The Shadow of the Templars features new character artwork, remixed puzzles, a new help system, and a few additional sections.

The remastered version of The Smoking Mirror adds enhanced graphics, an interactive digital comic, Dropbox integration for cross platform cloud saving (which works with the iOS version) and more.

How about a PC release of the remastered edition of Beneath a Steel Sky next?

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