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Champions Online due "spring" not "June"

Atari fudges superhero MMO date.

In a revised release date schedule sent out yesterday, Atari has changed the launch window for Champions Online from June back to the previously confirmed, and much more vague, "spring".

This doesn't necessarily mean a delay for Cryptic's superhero MMO - June is the last month of the second quarter, otherwise known as spring - although it does mean the publisher doesn't quite feel brave enough to pin a month on the game.

MMO launches being what they are, we wouldn't be surprised to see a retreat to summer or later soon.

Cryptic fans can find comfort in the fact that Star Trek Online is optimistically listed in the release schedule's "coming soon" section.

More on Champions Online, due for PC and "consoles" (of which Xbox 360 is definitely one), at the Champions Online gamepage.

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Champions Online

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