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Centipede revival announced for 3DS, Wii

Atari arcade classic returns.

Centipede is the latest Atari arcade classic to hit the comeback trail, with the publisher today announcing an impending 3DS and Wii reboot.

Due for release in the Autumn, Centipede Infestation is a top-down shoot 'em up developed by Wayforward Technologies – the same team behind acclaimed Wii platformer A Boy & His Blob and Contra 4 on the DS.

According to USA Today, the game will be set in a mutant-infested, post-apocalyptic wasteland. You'll play as a young lad named Max who's tasked with shepherding a girl called Maisy around who boasts the power to restore life to the barren environment.

Judging by the trailer below, Wayforward isn't being hugely faithful to the primitive 1980 original.

Atari also has new takes on its ancient Warlords and Star Raiders coin-ops in the works.

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