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Catwoman headlines DC Universe update

SOE's MMO flooded with new content.

Catwoman takes centre stage in new content heading to superhero MMO DC Universe Online later this month, publisher Sony Online Entertainment has revealed.

According to Kotaku, a new episode sees you traversing Gotham's rooftops in pursuit of the mischievous feline. Turns out she's holed up in a museum and has transformed security guards into lions and tigers with the help of some ancient Egyptian relics. Suffice to say, you'll need to put things right.

The update also lets you play as Catwoman in the Legends PvP mode, adds a new multiplayer race and offers up new Ancient Mayan Armor and Cat Burglar gear.

Noobs beware, the episode is only playable by users who've hit level 30.

Fear not though, there's new content for less advanced players too. A Valentine's-themed addition sees Wonder Woman and Circe accidentally ticking off the Goddess of Love, who duly causes fountains to erupt across the city.

These fountains then provide access to 100-player instances where you'll be turned into a cherub and tasked with scrapping it out over the meaning of true love, before squaring off against the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Scorn in a four player bossfight.

Unlike the Catwoman content, it'll only be available until the end of the month.

The update also throws up a few more treats: you can now fight Bane in a two-player battle, there's a new eight-player Batcave raid, new collections, races and investigations, and the ability to trade equipment in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.

According to director Chris Cao, SOE hopes to offer similar updates on a monthly basis.

DC Universe Online launched last month, scoring a modest 6/10 from Eurogamer's John Bedford.

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