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Castlevania claims PSP stake

Rondo of Blood and Symphony.

Konami is planning a Castlevania title for PSP - and they're not mucking about either, packing Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood onto the same disc as a full-blown 3D-graphics remake of the latter.

Going by the name Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, it's due out in the autumn.

"Rondo of Blood?" It's only ever been released properly in Japan, although you may have played a slightly less exciting port of it on the SNES called Dracula X. Don't worry though, they're not going to spoil it with 3D visuals, as the gameplay will still be ostensibly 2D.

What's more, an untouched port of the original code, along with one of the much celebrated PlayStation title Symphony of the Night, will also be stuffed onto the UMD when the game makes its first appearance later this year. There's no 3D remake planned of the latter, sadly.

Even so, it still sounds brilliant. Xbox 360 fans will want to remember that Symphony of the Night is also set to be released via Live Arcade in the near future.

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