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Castle Crashers MP patch nearly done

The Behemoth sorry for long wait.

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth has very nearly finished that patch to fix various multiplayer connection problems with the Xbox Live Arcade game.

This, we were told in September, would arrive "as fast as possible". Presumably they forgot to add "compared to a clumsy child".

"We're working with Microsoft to get the title update out as quickly as we can," The Behemoth told Xbox 360 Fanboy. "Sadly, we can't get into details about the certification process, but we've resolved the game's issues with data loss and networking in addition to other bugs.

"We can't really comment on the release yet as we're not allowed to talk about it because of Microsoft, but the update's release is definitely reaching the end of the process."

The Behemoth is thankful for and "honoured" by all the community support, however, and actually thinks you're all "awesome", which is nice.

The Behemoth is the same team behind Alien Hominid, and much of the visual style of that series carries over into Castle Crashers. But the two differ in gameplay; Castle Crashers is hackandslash, with a gentler learning curve, more bits to play with and a generally rounded assortment of goodies.

The result: favourable. Head over to our Castle Crashers review to find out more.

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