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Card Hunter now has co-op and a new sci-fi expansion

Premieres on Steam with Expedition to the Sky Citadel add-on.

Free browser-based card combat game Card Hunter has arrived on Steam, coinciding with the launch of its new sci-fi expansion Expedition to the Sky Citadel.

The turn-based RPG's latest add-on includes six new adventures as players get whisked away on a starship "toying with advanced weaponry beyond their understanding" while an advanced AI plays dungeon master.

Furthermore, Card Hunter now has co-op!

As detailed on developer Blue Manchu's blog, the new co-op mode lets three players take turns with each person controlling a single character. Players can always pass a turn on to their teammate if they so desire, as each party only gets one move per turn.

If played with only two players, however, your party will be limited to only a pair of adventurers. To compensate for this lack of manpower, each character will draw an extra card per round.

The co-op won't be entirely drop-in/drop-out though, as players must stick to the same team for an entire adventure. If one player leaves, their teammates will need to either wait for them to return or restart the campaign without them.

This new co-op mechanic can be used in competitive multiplayer as well. You can even have a co-op team face a solo opponent controlling their own party.

Eurogamer contributor Paul Dean was a fan of Card Hunter upon its initial release in 2013. "Card Hunter emphasises the 'free' in free-to-play," he wrote in his Card hunter review. "You can get a lot of game for nothing at all."

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