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Capcom gives SFIV profits to quake relief

Plus, donates ¥100 million lump sum.

Capcom has slashed the price of the iOS version of Street Fighter IV to 59p, with all proceeds to be donated to the relief effort following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week.

According to the Capcom Unity blog, the offer lasts for one week from today. Great game, great cause, so open your wallets if you haven't got it already.

On top of that, the publisher has also donated ¥100 million (around £768,000) to help victims of the tragedy, and suspended operations or shortened operating hours at amusement arcades and other sites served by Tohoku Electric Power and Tokyo Electric Power to help conserve energy.

Capcom is the latest in a long line of publishers and platform holders to announce it's putting its hand in its pocket to help out following last Friday's cataclysmic national disaster that left thousands dead and many more homeless. Nintendo, Sony, SEGA and Namco Bandai are among those who've already come forward with significant donations.

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