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Call of Duty 5 beta keys all gone!

20,000 keys, one hour.

After more traffic than we can ever remember (and we used to live next to a roundabout), the Call of Duty: World at War beta keys are all gone! Congratulations if you got one.

In the end we had 20,000 of the things, and all of them were gone within an hour of posting them on the site. Despite a few hiccups earlier in the day, the servers even managed to maintain their dignity throughout. Well, mostly.

The good news, however, is that if you missed out you can still get a key by visiting GAME and pre-ordering Call of Duty: World at War. GAME pre-orders on Xbox 360 are guaranteed a key.

Look out for more on the COD5 beta - including our impressions - soon.

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Call of Duty: World at War

PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii, PC, Nintendo DS

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