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Buy an Xbox controller and save on Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold

Money off your next membership renewal.

Amazon UK is currently running a promotion that nets you a saving on Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold membership when you buy an Xbox controller.

It's a painless and straightforward deal: all you need to do is grab an Xbox controller for £39.99 and you'll be sent a discount code to reduce the price of your next Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold membership purchase from Amazon.

With the code, you'll be able to get 3 months Game Pass Ultimate for £19.99 (instead of the usual £32.99) and 3 months Xbox Live Gold for £10.99 (rather than £17.99).

If you've not taken advantage of the offer for two months of Game Pass Ultimate for £2 yet, then it can be a great way to add a whole bunch of subscription time by taking the Gold offer and upgrading!

Handily, it's not just that single Xbox controller that will make you eligible for the offer, though. There's an entire range of Xbox One consoles and controllers that are all qualifying items. You can find the full list here, but I've gathered up some of the most interesting or best value items to make the most of the offer below too.

Speaking of controllers, in just a week the Fornite Special Edition Xbox Controller launches for £54.99. It was only available in the Fortnite console bundle before, but now you can the alluring purple controller separately. You can find more info about it right here.

Or, visit us at Jelly Deals, where you'll find our guide to the best Xbox One external hard drive, our regularly updated page featuring the best price for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the best price for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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