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Burning Crusade digi download

If you can't be arsed with shops.

Blizzard has decided to provide World of Warcraft players with an option to upgrade to Burning Crusade without leaving their homes. (We're not going near that one with a bargepole.)

Presumably aimed at people who already play WOW, the new digital download option can be found on your account page, allowing you to grab the files once you've purchased an expansion key online.

A few lengthy treks aside, the Burning Crusade is obviously a good way into WOW if you've never bothered before. Beware though, because those deer will flipping have you if you're not tooled up or don't have someone riding shotgun.

Look out for more on the game soon as Rob continues to battle his way through all the high-end content on his slightly awesome new horsey. For more on Burning Crusade, which introduces a new continent, Outland, as well as tons of new quest and character content - well, we've been known to write the odd thing about it.

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