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Bungie admits it made "mistakes" locking off bits of Destiny 2 behind DLC

Time to explain.

Bungie has posted a frank blog post admitting it "made some mistakes" regarding Destiny 2 content access - in short, the fact it last week locked various base-game activities behind a Curse of Osiris DLC paywall.

Destiny 2 players could no longer access the Prestige raid or Nightfall activities, and therefore no longer complete the base game's achievement/trophy lists or acquire the Legend of Acrius exotic shotgun.

This morning, Bungie has laid out why it made those decisions, admitted it was wrong to do so and explained how it will fix them.

"In Destiny 1, as your character grew more powerful throughout each expansion, some of our best content, like Vault of Glass, was left behind and lost its relevance for players," Bungie wrote.

"We wanted a better solution for Destiny 2, where all of our Endgame activities could stay relevant as each Expansion causes your Guardian to grow more and more powerful."

So, Prestige difficulty activities would always be raised to the new level cap. Additionally, top-level PVP activities Trials and Iron Banner would also require Curse of Osiris as maps and rewards change throughout each game season.

"We've heard from the community that both of these plans aren't working," Bungie explained. "The Prestige Raid was a novel experience that players value, even if they don't own Curse of Osiris, and it was a mistake to move that experience out of reach.

"Throughout the lifetime of the Destiny Franchise, Trials has always required that players owned the latest Expansion. However, for Destiny 2, Trials of The Nine launched as part of the main game, so it's not right for us to remove access to it.

"To make matters worse, our team overlooked the fact that both of these mistakes disabled Trophies and Achievements for Destiny 2. This was an unacceptable lapse on our part, and we can understand the frustration it has created."

Today's planned update to the game will address all of the above.

Most importantly, the Prestige raid will drop back down to Power level 300 - so you no longer require Curse of Osiris to access it, get the achievement/trophy, or complete the Legend of Acrius exotic questline.

Trials, Nightfall strikes and Iron Banner will be open to anyone - except when they are hosted on a DLC map.

But the Prestige Nightfall will stay locked behind the Curse of Osiris DLC, and its attached achievement/trophy will now only unlock via the Prestige raid, rather than through either.

Bungie ended its blog post by thanking players for their "patience and feedback". The studio said it was next turning its focus to Heroic Strikes, and the addition of modifiers.

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