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Brothers In Arms hit Wii, DS

Both due out this year.

Ubisoft and Gearbox plan to bring tactical shooter Brothers In Arms to both Nintendo Wii and DS this year, and both titles will make extensive use of their respective system's innovative control mechanisms.

Brothers In Arms Double Time is due out on Wii this autumn, and features the 31 playable levels of the first two BIA titles (Road to Hill 30 and Earned In Blood), allowing you to step into the shoes of both Matt Baker and Joe Hartsock, issuing orders, performing military gestures and generally leading your team using the Wiimote.

The DS version - simply, Brothers In Arms DS - is due out sooner, in the summer, and allows you to direct the action with the stylus. It's still in 3D, but your squad-mates will perform certain actions, like recovering health and taking cover behind walls, automatically, so that you're not saddled down with fiddly commands.

Instead you'll be able to take control of vehicles (including a recon car and Sherman tank), and mess around with weapons including bazookas, sniper rifles and grenades, as you make your way through 16 missions spread across three different campaigns (Normandy, North Africa and Ardennes).

Multiplayer is also catered for, with deathmatch and team deathmatch mentioned. You can see how it's shaping up in our Brothers In Arms DS screenshot gallery.

"I am a huge fan of both systems and thrilled about making games for the two platforms," says Gearbox president Randy Pitchford. "In the entire space of first-person shooters on videogame systems, Brothers In Arms really lends itself to both the Wii and DS interfaces.

"Imagine using the Wii remote to give actual hand signals or aiming with the DS stylus from a covered position. That’s what you can look forward to with Brothers In Arms Double Time and Brothers In Arms DS," he explained.

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