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Broken Age to star Elijah Wood

And Wil Wheaton as Curtis the Lumberjack.

Broken Age will co-star Elijah Wood as Shay, the male lead of the game's futuristic portion.

The reveal was made at VGX today where Double Fine head honcho Tim Schafer debuted some gameplay footage [below].

Broken Age will be split between two characters, each in their own world facing parallel stories. In the more fantasy-based cloud city we have Vella, a pre-teen girl who's been chosen as a sacrifice to a giant monster. Supposedly her death will save the village, but she decides to fight the monster and runs away. Now she's trying to take control over her fate by hunting the beast down.

In the futuristic section we have Shay, a profoundly lonely boy living on his own in an escape pod that his parents set him up in before their world was destroyed. The ship's AI likes Shay, and maybe even loves him, but is fiercely overprotective of him, so he attempts to override it and go on adventures, danger be damned!

"They're both about these young kids trying to take control of their lives," Schafer explained. He also noted that players will be able to switch between both characters on the fly ala Day of the Tentacle.

Elsewhere in Broken Age news, Wesley Crusher himself, Wil Wheaton, has been added to the cast as Curtis the Lumberjack, a prototype character initially cut, then added back in due to popular demand.

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Broken Age

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