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Broken Age Episode One releases for backers on Tuesday

Schafer's first adventure game in 16 years.

The first half of Double Fine's long-awaited Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure Broken Age is coming to backers on 14th January. [Editor's note: We originally reported that it was coming to Early Access then. We apologise for the error.]

Studio head Tim Schafer publicly made the announcement earlier today on Twitter, where he noted that he's not released an adventure game in 16 years. (Has it been that long, Grim Fandango?!) "Haven't shipped a game of my own in 4.5 years, an adventure game in 16, a point-n-click in almost 20. Next Tuesday is going to be exciting!" the legendary developer said.

Schafer added that while this release is for backers only, the public Steam Early access release date will be announced on Tuesday. The second half of the game is due in a few months along with the game's official launch.

Broken Age follows two parallel stories as the player switches back and forth at will between main characters Shay (Elijah Wood) and Vella (Masasa Moyo). The former is a teenage boy living alone in a spaceship following the destruction of his homeworld, while the latter is a girl who's been chosen as a sacrifice to save her village. While Shay rebels against the overprotective AI his parents left to coddle him, Vella runs from her fate and seeks to slay the monster that's been tormenting her village. The cast is rounded out by Wil Wheaton, Jack Black and Jennifer Hale.

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Broken Age

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