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Brit gaming radio tops charts

One Life Left bags iTunes No.1.

One Life Left, Europe's only FM-broadcast gaming radio show, has hit the prestigious number one slot on iTunes for the first time - ahead of big names such as Major Nelson and the 1UP Show.

Presented by 'gaming miscreants' Ste Curran and Robert Howells, the hour-long weekly programme boasts a mix of discussion, music and features contributed by more than a dozen industry veterans.

In fact, some of those names might be familiar to EG readers: Jim Rossignol, John Walker and David McCarthy. It's all backed up with audio production from another name we recognise, Simon Parkin. Wait a second...

"We're pretty happy," said Curran. "We've been concentrating on our FM audience for about a year, and thought it was high time we turned our attention to the Internet. It is the future, after all. Well, it was a few years ago. Is it still?"

Meanwhile, Howells howled: "It's a victory for the common man. The iTunes top twenty is dominated by US magazines, websites and podcasts sponsored by capitalist pigs. One Life Left is supported and broadcast by Resonance FM, an arts-council funded station in London, and remains wholly independent. Viva la revolución!"

"Oh, we'd also like to thank Eurogamer for stealing all their writers and allowing us to copy and paste their news section every week," he added. He's not even joking.

This country.

The One Life Left radio show is available for free here. Let us know what you think.

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