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Brink lag patch launches this week

Improvements for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Multiplayer-focused first-person shooter Brink will be patched this week.

The update is expected to combat the online lag many players have experienced since launch.

The Xbox 360 update is currently working its way through Microsoft's approval process and is expected this week. The PlayStation 3 update does everything the Xbox 360 update does, and is also expected out this week.

"We've been hard at work investigating the lag issues some players of the Xbox 360 version of Brink have reported," said developer Splash Damage in an update on the Bethblog dated 20th May.

"We've now completed modifications to improve network performance and will be rolling these out in a title update for the game.

"With PSN back online, we're able to resume multiplayer testing on the PlayStation 3. We're preparing to bring the changes in the upcoming Xbox 360 title update to the PlayStation 3 version of Brink quickly and we expect to have it out next week. Stay tuned!"

The PC update, due early this week, combats lag as well as sound and graphics issues, and improves server browsing.

You will no longer suffer sound dropping out on certain maps when playing networked games for a prolonged amount of time. "We've worked closely with both AMD and Nvidia, and you should see performance and stability improvements in future driver revisions from both parties," said the team.

And there's a new filter for browsing that allows you to display only servers with a certain number of players on them. Full servers will no longer be filtered out completely.

These updates follow a week-and-a-half old update that also targeted lag.

Splash Damage made a configuration change to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions that altered the number of human players when matchmaking for campaign and most freeplay modes to eight total human players.

Brink's first downloadable content will be offered free as a "thank you for supporting Brink and for your continued feedback".

This DLC launches in June and offers additional maps and new content.

Eurogamer's Brink review turned up an 8/10.

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