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Breath of the Wild amiibo range expands with detailed Zelda, Bokoblin figures

But Nintendo has yet to say what they'll do.

Nintendo detailed a trio of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo figures back at E3 2016. Now, it has unveiled two more.

Zelda and Bokoblin join the previously-announced Link (Archer), Link (Rider) and the spidery Guardian amiibo to make a five figure range.

But what do they do? Nintendo has yet to say. Perhaps its worth holding off your pre-orders until it does.

These aren't the only Zelda amiibo to interact with the game. Already-launched figures have a range of effects - for example, Wolf Link lets you summon Link's Twilight Princess form as a buddy to aid you in battle.

8-bit Link rewards players with a selection of barrels, each containing randomly assorted goodies such as rupees. Ocarina of Time Link make a random assortment of meat rain down from the sky.

Toon Link similarly sees fish fall from the heavens, while Toon Zelda rewards players with random plants, used as ingredients in cooking.

These latest figures have yet to go up on Amazon, but we'd hope they don't cost more than the usual amiibo RRP of £10.99.

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