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Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon-crawler that lets you date your weapon

Men at arms.

Ever been deep in the throes of your favourite dungeon-crawler and found yourself thinking, "Hey, this game would be improved dramatically if only I could forge a deep and lasting romantic connection with this sexy looking broadsword"? If you just answered "yes", Boyfriend Dungeon could be exactly the game you've been looking for.

Boyfriend Dungeon is being developed by Kitfox Games - the studio responsible for such well-received fare as Shattered Planet and the more recent cult management thingy The Shrouded Isle - and aims to offer a unique blend of dungeon crawler (complete with procedurally generated dungeons and varied combat styles) and dating sim.

The twist, as if that initial pitch wasn't leftfield enough, is that, rather than trying to love-bond with your standard people-types, you'll be flirting it up with anthropomorphised weapons.

Kitfox has coined its new genre mash-up a "shack-and-slash", which is worthy of praise alone, and has released some early, intruiging footage in trailer form. It doesn't reveal much more than we've already discussed here, but it does offer a few tantalising glimpses at the many and varied suitors you'll be able to romance inbetween bouts of adventuring.

Interestingly, despite being named Boyfriend Dungeon, it appears that your potential love matches - who can, for some reason, all manifest themselves in dashingly attractive human (and in at least once instance, cat) form - won't necessarily always be male. Kitfox promises that the game will offer an "inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality".

And now the bad news: there's a good long while to wait before you can flirt it up with the shestopyor of your dreams. Boyfriend Dungeon isn't scheduled to release until 2019.

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Boyfriend Dungeon

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

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