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Botanicula developer's gorgeously deranged adventure Chuchel is out in March

Fuzzy logic.

Amanita Design, the studio behind the wonderfully surreal likes of Machinarium, Samorost, and Botanicula, has announced that its unhinged comedy adventure Chuchel will release for PC and Mac on March 7th.

Chuchel follows its fuzzy, comedically furious protagonist on a quest to "retrieve his cherished cherry". That's not the half of it though: "Outsmart the Pool Monster, escape frenzied Pac-Men and master the bird race. Join forces with Chuchel's buddy Kekel and show the mischievous Chuchel that stealing cherries is wrong", says Amanita of the game.

Although Chuchel bears the same striking art design and mouse-driven interactions of its predecessors, Amanita has said that it might be better to think of the game more as an interactive comedy adventure than a classic point-and-click puzzler.

There's still plenty to engage with, but the focus is very much on story, surprise, and silly jokes as you fiddly around in Chuchel's peculiar world.

Amanita's previous, beautifully unhinged adventures have all been consistently superb, so there's every reason to expect good things from Chuchel come March.

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