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Borderlands 3 - Mouthpiece boss strategy

How to defeat Mouthpiece in the Holy Broadcast Centre.

Mouthpiece is the second boss you'll have to fight in Borderlands 3.

You'll encounter Mouthpiece as you search for the Vault Map in the Holy Broadcast Centre during Cult Following - the third mission in Borderlands 3.

Make sure you've got a good shield and you're best gun equipped, because Mouthpiece has dubstep and he's not afraid to use it.

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Everything you need to know about Mouthpiece and his attacks in Borderlands 3

Mouthpiece runs the Holy Broadcast Center and is a Level 8 boss fight.

He's armed with a dubstep inspired gun and shield. Don't get distracted by the funky design of his shield or the fact that the bullet he's fired have a trail of blue light coming from them.

Beware the dubstep bullets.

What you truly need to look out for throughout the battle, however, are the speakers.

Mouthpiece will use the speakers to blast you into the air, while also taking a large amount from either your health and shield. Getting hit by the speakers too often can easily knock you into a Fight for Your Life.

The best way to avoid the speakers is to pay attention to the cables on the floor. When they start to glow that means there is a speaker attack on its way. Quickly head to the opposite side of the room to avoid this blast.

Watch the cable, so that you know which speakers to avoid.

At certain points during the battle, Mouthpiece can also become immune to all attacks for a few seconds. Stay out of Mouthpieces way during these periods and take the time to kill a couple Apostles.

During Mouthpiece's periods of immunity, he will also started charging a large speaker attack. Pay extra attention to the floor cables and stay out of the area for this attack.

Mouthpiece's health bar changes design when he's immune.

Finally, Mouthpiece will summon Apostles throughout the battle.

These enemies will take great joy in attacking you and will range from Level 5 to 7. Thankfully, they can be killed very easily, dropping both ammo and health. Killing an Apostles is also a great way to enter a Second Wind, if you're stuck in a Fight for Your Life.

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Mouthpiece boss strategy for Borderlands 3

The trick to defeating Mouthpiece is to keep your distance. This will allow you to keep an eye on him and the floor cables, so that you can avoid the speaker attacks.

Mouthpiece has to raise his shield to unleash a speaker attack, so use this opportunity to fill him full of bullets.

Shoot Mouthpiece when his shield is raised.

Don't focus too much on killing the Apostles. Mouthpiece will call for more throughout the battle, so don't waste time simply killing them.

Kill the Apostles when you need health, ammo or when Mouthpiece is immune. It's a good idea to keep a couple at low health, so that you can easily kill them if you end up in Fight for Your Life.

Kill the Apostles for ammo and health.

Other than that, you should be able to take out Mouthpiece pretty easily through regular use of your Action Skills and weapons.

If you are having trouble then consider completing a couple of the Side Missions, you should have already seen a couple, for the experience points. Levelling up will give you access to better weapons, higher stats and a Skill Point to spend on your chosen Skill Tree.

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