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Borderlands 3 for £10, Vampyr for £20 and the week's best console game deals

Plus, Doom Eternal, Persona 5 and Control!

PC folk may be having a great time spending hours looking for savings in the latest Steam Summer Sale, but that doesn't mean anyone with a console should miss out of a bargain. With that in mind, here are some of the best console game deals out there right now.

First up is a game we've watched steadily tumble down in price over the past few months. It's Borderlands 3. The erratic and bombastic FPS/RPG from Gearbox is now just £10 on PS4 and Xbox One at Tesco. I'm sure this is the biting point for a lot of people who can't stand a barrage of poop jokes but love a good looter-shooter.

Next is a shooter that doesn't have time for your meme culture: it's Doom Eternal. The follow-up to 2016's face-melting and demon-shredding masterpiece is - basically - more of the same again. And I was quite happy with that thank you very much. If you've been waiting for it to get a bit cheaper, it's now under £30 at The Game Collection.

Next, is a game set in London during the middle of the Spanish Flu pandemic. Perhaps not exactly the right kind of escapism we all have in mind right now? That said, a connection to a pandemic didn't stop The Last of Us Part 2 from becoming Sony's biggest PS4 launch ever. Anyway, Dontnod's bloody interesting action-adventure Vampyr is £19.99 on Switch.

Those are some highlights. I've put a few more cheap and interesting games below that might tease out a purchase from you while they're so cheap. It's quite a mixed bag of stuff, so hopefully, there's something in there you like.

To finish off, don't forget that Persona 5 Royal is still £33 and the latest PSN Store sale is good if you've been eyeing a discount on Control. Until next week, have a good one!

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