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Borderlands 3 drops to £20 on console


Borderlands 3 has dropped to one of its lowest prices since launch over at Game.

The console versions of the zany looter-shooter are both just £20. Next best prices for the game are currently sitting around the £25 mark at most retailers. This was also how much it was selling for at Game earlier this week. It's not clear if it'll jump back up or this is a more permanent price reduction.

Either way, if you've been waiting to pick up the game on the cheap, here's a great chance to do so.

In Eurogamer's Borderlands 3 review, Vikki found Gearbox's shooter to be “more divisive than it's ever been”. She found it was bigger and bolder in every way, though its awesome gunplay was dampened somewhat by the 'edgy' humour. Classic Borderlands, then.

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Just this week, the new Mayhem Mode 2.0 was added to Borderlands 3. This mode unlocks after your first playthrough, allowing you to apply different modifiers that make the game more challenging for improved rewards. New levels of difficulty have been added with Mayhem Mode 2.0, giving you even more to strive for once the main game is done and dusted.

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