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Borderlands 3 Captain Haunt boss strategy

We're going on a ghost hunt!

Captain Haunt is the ghastly boss of Descent into Heck, the Halloween themed mission for Borderlands 3.

Defeating the Captain will reward you with a wide variety of loot, including cash, Eridian and maybe even some Halloween themed gear, such as a gun with the Terror debuff.

Fill your pockets with ammo and grab your best guns, because this spectre isn't passing on without a fight.

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Where to find Captain Haunt in Borderlands 3

Captain Haunt is located at the end of The Heck Hole, which you can access by giving Maurice 25 Hecktoplasm.

Fight your way past the undead Maliwan forces and a horde of Ratch to fight this ghostly Captain.

Drop down this hole to reach Captain Haunt's lair.

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How to defeat Captain Haunt in Borderlands 3

Captain Haunt will be scaled to whatever level your Vault Hunter currently is. This means that if your Level 41, then so will Captain Haunt.

Captain Haunt will begin the fight shielded and will attack you using two different types of attacks. This includes shooting jack o' lantern projectiles, which will create pools of lava where they land, and green bullets.

Dodge these green bullets.

Once the Captain loses his shield, he will begin to change his tactics.

He will start using a new attack that involves summoning a collection of green ghosts to attack you. Make sure you take out these ghosts out quickly or they will be able to inflict the Terror debuff on you, affecting both your aim and vision.

Kill the ghosts or they'll give you the terror debuff.

Various undead Maliwan troopers will also start appearing on the battlefield. You can get away with ignoring these troops, only killing them if you enter Fight for Your Life. Don't waste time hunting them down, because, no matter how many you kill, more will begin to appear on the battlefield.

Captain Haunt is hard to miss.

During this stage of the battle, Captain Haunt will also make himself invincible by creating a ghostly shield. During this period, you'll be unable to damage him and his shield will begin to regenerate.

To end this invincibility, you must destroy the two Shielding Phylactery that appear on the map. These are small pillars with glowing balls of green energy floating on top of them.

A Shielding Phylactery can be easily destroyed by bullets. Just make sure you jump or dodge the waves of green energy that each Shielding Phylactery sends out. These energy waves can easily knock down both your shield and health.

Once the two Shielding Phylactery stands are destroyed, you can continue attacking Captain Haunt.

Destroy the Shielding Phylactery to end Captain Haunt's invincibility.

You can attack Captain Haunt with any weapon, grenade or Action Skill. The Captain is also a very large target, so, even if you're been infected with Terror, you should be able to easily hit him.

After killing Captain Haunt, you can collect your loot and then return to Maurice for a cash reward.

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