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Boom Boom Rocket price set

Not 'over the top'.

Boom Boom Rocket will cost 800 MS points when it launches this Spring, Bizarre Creations has revealed.

The download-only title is Electronic Arts' first foray into the world of Xbox 360 Live Arcade, and involves triggering rockets to the beat - while travelling through a 3D cityscape.

In a newsletter sent out to its press list yesterday evening, a Bizarre Creations spokesperson said: "it's a price we are really happy with."

Despite the game's price being double that of its previous XBLA title, Geometry Wars, Bizarre Creations said: "We think that EA has set this at a really fair amount, given the amount of content and gameplay: ten music tracks, three difficulty levels per track, four game modes, multiplayer, etc.

"It's certainly not the sort of "over the top" pricing you've seen with other XBLA titles recently. Obviously you guys and gals can be the judge of that when you play the game for yourself... but in the meantime, be happy."

While we wait, you can check out the logo or have a look some of the screenshots released so far.

Check back soon for a full review.

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