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Blu-ray to copy films to laptops

Sony wants wider acceptance.

Blu-ray DVDs are to include a feature that will allow copies of films to be transferred to laptops or other devices.

It's an effort by Sony to gain wider acceptance of its new format and, more importantly, rival the HD-DVD technology adopted by competitor Microsoft.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, head of Sony's home entertainment unit, David Bishop, indicated that we'll see this feature soon.

"It's not currently part of anything on our current release schedule, but we'll probably roll it out sometime this year."

Which sounds rather familiar. Take with a pinch of salt.

Blu-ray famously holds more than five-times as much data as a normal DVD, and Sony have already claimed that games are filling the impressive 25GB capacity. What exactly are they filling it with? We can only hazard a guess.

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