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Blowing yourself up is all the rage in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Self destruct for the win!

There are a lot of cool super moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the most entertaining has to be Android 16's all-or-nothing level three, a self-destruct.

It's early days for the superb Dragon Ball FighterZ (for more check out my review), but already Android 16 is a fan-favourite for his hugely satisfying "dunk" fighting style. The pros are piecing together some outrageous combos with Android 16, trying to cram as many dunks in as possible.

But it's the self destruct super that takes Android 16 to the next level. This special sees Android 16 jump forward and grab his opponent, then blow himself up. The result is an instant kill for the opponent, and it leaves Android 16 with just one hit point of health. It looks like this:

Not only does it it feel amazing to pull off, particularly against an enemy character with full health, but the self destruct makes Android 16 one of the most entertaining characters to watch. With this level three super in his locker, Android 16's comeback potential is about as hype as you can get in the game. It's a great counter to an unsafe super, too.

And, as you'd expect, players are already using Android 16's self destruct as the final insult, closing out dominant rounds in the most destructive way possible. Yeah, I'm winning this match so hard, I'm going to blow myself up!

To balance the self destruct, it can only be used once per match, and in truth it's hard to land. Not only is it telegraphed, but it's a super slow jump forward. But then this feeds into why it's such a fun move to land. And let's be honest, it's very, very Dragon Ball, and yet another example of developer Arc System Works absolutely nailing the anime it's based upon.

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