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Bloodborne: how to kill Father Gascoigne, use the Tiny Music Box and survive Gascoigne's beast form

How to kill Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne.

This article explains how to kill Father Gascoigne, use the Tiny Music Box and survive Gascoigne's beast form in Bloodborne, following on from Yharnam, Hunter Badge Key location and Bold Hunter's Marks.

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Father Gascogine's a hunter and he fights like a hunter. He shares very common attacks with you, so you'll have to dodge out of the way of various combos, while he attempts to interrupt your own combos with his ranged weapon.

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How to kill Father Gascogine

When Gascoigne isn't stunned, deliver two regular attacks against him, then dodge straight away as he'll almost always try to interrupt any further damage with his gun. Once you've mastered this fight, you should find it pretty easy to dish out two normal hits, dodge out of the way, then get another two-hit combo in before getting some space to refill your stamina.

How to use the Tiny Music Box

If you managed to get hold of the Tiny Music box from Yharnam, you'll find things much easier.

If you use the device on him, he'll find it agonising, giving you a little more time to get to the rear and dish out a Charge Attack and a critical hit. Just make sure he doesn't hit you while you're trying to use the device, and also that you're in close proximity to him when you attempt this move. A good time to use the music box is right after you've dodged an attack, and are still reasonably close to him.

You'll only be able to get around three uses of the music box in before Father Gascoigne enrages and becomes a beast. It happens when he's at around 50 per cent health, so time your music box uses carefully to get the most benefit before this happens. After he's transformed, you're allowed to use it just once more.

Fighting Father Gascoigne in beast form

As a beast, Father Gascoigne is a lot more ferocious, although note that he can no longer use his gun to interrupt your delicious combo attacks. You can stun him with your gunshot while he's in this form too. Time stuns carefully though, and deliver them when he starts firing up one of his big attacks.

Stick close to the boss while he's in this form, but if you see him prepare to deliver his thrashing claw swipes, get away and let him finish up the combo. This move can do a huge amount of damage to you, so make sure you dodge quickly if you get caught up the flurry. Don't get too much distance between the pair of you though, otherwise he'll leap at you. If he ever goes up in the air, prepare to dodge quickly.

Generally speaking, as long as you stick to the rear of Gascoigne, he shouldn't present too much of a problem in this beastly form. Use the graves spread around the area for some protection too. Just don't get too close to them if they're blocking Father Gascoigne in, otherwise he'll likely launch into his leap attack. Alternatively, you can lure him up the stairs over on the other side, and onto the balcony.

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