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Bloodborne - Beyond the bridge, Beasthunter Saif, Constable's Trousers, Constable's Garb

How to survive Beyond the bridge in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive Beyond the bridge in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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Now that you've unlocked another shortcut, retrace your steps back along the newly-accessible corridor and pass out into the open once more. Head up the incline then descend the steps to the right of the bridge. Back in the river of blood, take a right and, if you don't fancy a fight, carefully slip through the tunnel in the rock to the left, bypassing the four motionless parasites ahead. Alternatively, you can kill them to retrieve the Constable's Trousers.

Once you reach the end of the tunnel in the rock, take a left and head up the slope, dealing with the two hounds that attack. As you pass the fallen tower to your right, you'll spy a set of lopsided brown doors ahead. Approach the doors then take a left, moving down the narrow passage - you'll find some Frenzied Coldblood (9) at the end.

Return to the brown doors, keeping them to your left, then move forward into the bloody ravine. The path splits almost immediately, with the left route leading to an abrupt dead-end concealing a huntsman and a hound. You can safely ignore this path for now, however.

Instead, head along the passage to the right. Almost immediately, you'll encounter a hunter and several crows. Take them all down, keeping watch for the additional crows overhead - it's all too easy to lure them off their perches in the midst of battle. Incidentally, don't let the corpses thrashing around in the blood disturb you - they're merely unpleasant decoration and won't try to attack.

Once the passage is clear of enemies, make a note of the (currently unreachable) glowing item on the stone ahead, then locate the ladder leading up the wall to the left - there's an overturned lantern lying at its base. Climb the ladder then take a left at the top.

Find the Constable's armour set

Approach the winch-like contraption hanging over the wall and face directly toward it. Next, locate the gap in the railing immediately to the left. Position yourself in the gap then look down - you'll see a beam stretching across the water beneath you. Carefully drop down onto the beam then slowly work your way over to the other side. Take a left then grab the Constable's Garb from the corpse at the end. Finally, drop down into the bloody water and climb the ladder again.

Kill the red-eyed hunter

As before, approach the winch to the left. This time, however, locate the broken railing immediately to the right. Jump down through the gap and begin splashing through the water. Up ahead, you'll spot a glowing item on the ground to the left. As you draw near though, a tough, red-eyed hunter, concealed behind a rock to the right, will attack. He's fast and can do a ton of damage with his blade, so stay on your toes and try not to get snagged on the scenery.

Note that there's a small cluster of headstones directly in the centre of this area - one good tactic is to use the headstones as cover, constantly circling around to keep your opponent on the other side. Wait for the hunter to launch a futile combo and, when he's done, use the momentary break to land a few blows. Repeat the process until he's dead - whereupon he'll likely drop Vermin.

When you're ready to continue, grab the Beasthunter Saif from the corpse nearby and drop back down to the ground. Take out the hound and huntsman if you didn't do so already, then turn left and return to the ladder. Climb it once more and, this time, scamper up the hill directly ahead.

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