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Bloodborne - Underground Cell Key, Balcony Key, Blacksky Eye, Yamamura Set

How to get the Underground Cell Key in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to get the Underground Cell Key in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

When you're ready to continue, descend the staircase to reach the small central platform below. Next, follow the steps on the left down to the short balcony. Here, you'll encounter three decidedly angry crows - eliminate the crows then retrieve the Finestrike Damp Blood Gem (5) from the chest.

Next, head back up the steps and, once you reach the central platform again, make your way down the staircase to your left. You'll be ambushed by several more brain creatures as you descend, so be careful - there's no railing here, and it's all-too-easy to plunge to your doom.

Make your way to Patient Room Floor 5

At the bottom of the steps, take a right. You'll encounter more brain creatures at the bottom of the steps (and a variant with no head at all) so eliminate them all. Shortly, to your left, you'll spot a doorway marked 'Patient Room Floor 5'. Make a note of it then continue to the end of the balcony, avoiding the pressure plate as you go. Collect the Blue Elixir from the corpse against the wall, retrace your steps then enter 'Patient Room Floor 5'.

Inside, grab the Blue Elixir and Enlarged Head from the far end of the room. Once you do, the bulbous creatures on the floor will spring to life, firing out rabid tendrils as you draw near. Their flailing limbs can do a reasonable amount of damage - but you should be more wary of the fact that their attacks will raise your Frenzy meter.

When the room is clear, step back outside and take a right. This time, follow the balcony all the way around the room, eliminating any brain creatures that you encounter on the way. You should ignore the staircase leading down to your left for the time being. Instead, continue on to the end of the balcony and take a right into the small room at the end. Inside, begin riding the elevator down to the room below and slip along the secret tunnel as you descend.

Make your way along the passage then take a left when you emerge out onto the balcony. Follow it along until you spy the staircase to your right. Descend the steps to reach the small central platform and deal with any brain creatures that attack.

Explore Patient Room Floor 3

Once you reach the central platform, make your way up the staircase to the left. Take a left at the top and proceed to the end, eliminating the brain creatures in the area. Grab the Quicksilver Bullets from the corpse to the left then enter the room marked 'Patient Room Floor 3' to the right. Watch out for the bulbous-armed patient hiding around the corner to the right as it will do poison damage if it grabs you. Finally, retrieve the Underground Cell Key from the corpse on the ledge nearby.

Next, backtrack along the balcony outside, descend the steps to the right and return to the small central platform. From here, make your way down the staircase to the left, taking care of the wriggling creature at the bottom. Grab the Loch Shield from the corpse then carefully drop off the ledge, back down to the ground floor below.

There've been a few changes since you were last in this area: for one, the staircase is no longer accessible here. Secondly, tightly-bound, caterpillar-like patients now wriggle along the floor. These creatures are easy enough to deal if they're unaware of your presence. However, if they spot you, they'll begin to scream, firing harmful tendrils out of their bodies.

Return to Saint Adeline's room

Before leaving the area, visit Saint Adeline's room again and hand over the second batch of Brain Fluid. Note that you may need to discard the Blood of Adeline in your inventory first if you accepted it earlier. If the prompt still doesn't trigger, try warping to the Hunter's Dream and back in order to reset the area. Once Adeline has accepted the new Brain Fluid, you'll receive the Balcony Key.

Leave Adeline's hideout and return to the main central chamber. Next, head over to the door marked '1st Floor Balcony' in the far right-hand corner of the room. Use the key to unlock the door and step on through. On the other side, make your way down the steps, take a left then slip through the broken railing to reach the roof below.

Hop down off the rooftop and you'll find yourself in an area almost identical to Yharnam's Lumenflower Garden. Take a left up the steps and follow the walkway all the way around, collecting the Kin Coldblood (10) from the corpse at the end.

Retrace your steps, heading down the staircase, then pause as you reach the next staircase to the left. You're free to explore the garden below, but be warned: once the distracted brain creatures notice you, they'll begin tossing balls of arcane magic toward you, occasionally unleashing triple laser-like blasts too - which, although relatively easy to dodge, can be deadly.

Proceed cautiously and use the large stone columns dotted around the garden as cover. Once the area is clear, locate the seated corpse in the centre of the garden, near the back wall, and retrieve the arcane Blacksky Eye. When you're done, leave the garden and approach the arched window at the top of the steps. Roll through the glass to return to the Surgery Altar room from earlier.

Follow the balcony around to the left and defeat the Scurrying Beast to claim a Blood Stone Chunk. Next, retrace your steps and follow the walkway anti-clockwise, dropping through the broken floor once you reach it. From here, drop onto the bed then down to the floor below.

While you're in the area, descend the staircase in the centre of the room and stop once you reach the prison corridor at the bottom. Follow the passage along and use your newly-acquired Underground Cell Key to unlock the doors either side of the corridor. The first, to your right, appears empty - however, a hunter lurks around the door to the left. His health is high and he hits hard - but he'll drop the Church Pick weapon once defeated.

Continue along the passage and open the locked door to the left in order to retrieve the Frenzied Coldblood (9) from the corpse against the wall. Back outside, take a left and approach the locked door at the end of the passage. If you want, you can open the door and head inside the cell. The muttering man, however, will remain unresponsive - although you can kill him to collect the Yamamura Hunter Hat, Khaki Haori, Old Hunter Arm Bands and Wine Hakama.

Note that you can descend the steps to the left of the cell and retrieve the Holy Moonlight Sword from Ludwig's now-lifeless head, if you weren't able to acquire it previously.

When you're ready to continue, retrace your steps and return to the Research Hall lamp at the top of the Surgery Altar elevator. To the left of the lamp, you'll meet the mysterious figure you encountered earlier in the game. Speak with him and he'll suggest that you climb the Astral Clocktower and kill Maria - whoever she may be. While you're here, consider using the lamp to return to the Hunter's Dream in order to spend your well-earned Blood Echoes.

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