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BlizzCon tickets on sale next week

Event will live internet streaming.

Blizzard has announced that tickets for the fourth BlizzCon fan convention will go on sale on Saturday 16th May. The event runs from August 21st to 22nd in Anaheim, California.

They will cost USD 125 apiece and be available from www.blizzcon.com. A second block of tickets will be made available two weeks later on 30th May.

Blizzard has upgraded the Blizzard Store to provide trouble-free ticket purchase this year; but if you intend to buy and want your purchase to go smoothly, you're advised to register a Battle.net account in advance.

US residents who can't attend will be able to follow the event on DirecTV pay-per-view for USD 40, as last year. Fans from the rest of the world will be able to enjoy the same coverage as an internet stream, also costing USD 40.

This price also includes the same BlizzCon-exclusive in-game item that attendees will get, so home viewers can feel all included.

Or, you could come to Eurogamer and enjoy our up-to-the-minute and entirely free coverage of the event. We'd bet the farm on the announcement of a new World of Warcraft expansion this year, plus plenty of StarCraft II and Diablo III news.

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