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Blizzard to nerf Hearthstone's "most controversial" card


Blizzard has announced more changes to Hearthstone in an attempt to reign in some of the game's most popular cards.

The alterations take place in the game's next patch, and see Hearthstone's Shaman class given a noticeable knock in response to its current strength in the game's meta.

There's also a big change to Yogg-Saron, which Blizzard itself admits is "the most controversial card we've ever made".

Yogg-Saron spawns a random spell for every spell you've cast in the game so far - it's a compete wildcard, in other words, and Blizzard has said it did not expect to see Yogg-Saron pop up in so many high-level decks and tournaments.

Now, Yogg-Saron's spell spree will be curtailed early as soon as it causes itself to become silenced, transformed or removed from the battlefield in any way.

Shaman sees its powerful one mana-cost Rockbiter Weapon changed to a two-cost, and its Tuskarr Totemic card, which summons a free totem, reduced in power to just creating the weaker basic totem cards.

Warrior's Execute spell is increased to two-cost, while its Charge card is now cheaper but far less dangerous to hero characters.

Hunter's Call of the Wild, which spawns three good cards, now costs nine mana, up from eight.

Finally, neutral minion Abusive Sergeant is having its attack stat reduced.

Blizzard has been busy keeping Hearthstone balanced over the past few months - there have been several changes to the game's paid-entry Arena mode, too.

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