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Blizzard unleashes entertaining WOW patch 5.4 trailer

Hellscream when he finds out.

World of Warcraft patch 5.4 is "nearly here" and Blizzard has unleashed the trailer.

Dubbed Siege of Orgrimmar, it follows the story of Horde Warchief Garrosh Hellscream who's gone a bit batty and now wants to form a new Horde with the nightmarish powers he's unleashed.

The trailer shows a fight between Hellscream and a brave Pandaren blocking his way. It sets the scene nicely.

The patch brings a three-wing, 14-boss raid for top-level players culminating in a battle with Hellscream himself. It also brings a flexible raid mode that dynamically adjusts the difficulty of the raid to the amount of players beyond 10 that you have.

New Proving Grounds offer practice sessions for people brushing up on their tanking, damage or healing roles; there's a new outdoor zone called the Timeless Isle that's stuffed with quests, treasures and five world bosses; and there's the conclusion to the Legendary Quest, Judgement of the Black Prince, which bestows upon people a powerful new cloak with new abilities.

New Connected Realms will link lower-populated WOW servers, and arenas have been tinkered with so they work better with people in parties.

The full patch notes are on the Battle.net website.

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